5 Surprising Reasons Why You Didn’t Click on First Dates!

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Surprising reasons why you and your date didn't click. Know them and avoid them!

First dates are always tricky. You may click with some people and may not with others. Surprisingly,Guest Posting if you don’t, it may not be because you two are just not a perfect match. Any wrong move on the following things can squash the chances for a relationship to take off. Our advice: watch out for them. Reason 1: Choosing the wrong time, location or activity Certain places/activities make it almost impossible for developing a rapport. A café or restaurant is so loud that you can’t hear each other. Or a movie is so long that you don’t have time talking to each other before heading home. The lesson? Be picky about where you meet someone for the first time. Do some research beforehand. Find the right place, time and activity. This may take some time but once you find a perfect setting, you can fully explore the possibilities to connect with your date. Reason 2: Arguing sensitive topicsLively conversations are always great on the first date. But debating on certain issues can kill the mood, unless you two both enjoy arguing. You shouldn’t hide what you believe in, but most people prefer a first date to be light-hearted and fun. So steer clear of controversial subjects like politics and religion. Reason 3: Playing it aloof Some people choose to act uninterested (when they are!) to challenge their dates. This can cause your date to lose interest in you. No one wants to go out with someone who is (or seems to be) aloof or indifferent. So if you like someone, show it! Let the person who likes you see just how much you like him or her back. Reason 4: Asking much too personal questionsWomen tend to do this more than men. Because they want to establish as soon as possible if a guy is the real deal or a waste of time, they pack the conversation with some really personal questions like When do you want to have kids? and When do you see yourself getting married?. Most guys just want to enjoy themselves on a first date, so stick with less dicey topics—books, movies, hobbies, common interests, favorite restaurants and hangouts. Those are all fine first-date conversational fodder that will get you bonded, rather than your chemistry busted. Reason 5: Bragging

Men tend to do this more than women. Sometimes, a guy may try so hard to impress his date that he ends up boasting about how much money he makes, the car he drives, or some other material things that he thinks women will like. More often than not, this backfires, since it signifies insecurity. Women do care about a guy’s success, but they admire confidence even more. So stop trying so hard, and let her be pleasantly surprised by your house later.

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