I need a girlfriend. What should I do? 7 Working tips

Jun 10


Chris Staples

Chris Staples

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Looking for a girlfriend? Here are 7 working tips to get a girlfriend with ease.


There are surprisingly many soul hearts living in different places of the world. Some people get divorced,I need a girlfriend. What should I do? 7 Working tips Articles some others are too busy or cannot find a perfect match. The reasons for loneliness are limitless. However, there are some common solutions that single hearts can go in for to find happiness.  If you are single looking for a girlfriend, you have reached the right place. In this article, we will discuss how to find a girl for romance and serious relationships. 

Statistics say that about 58% of never-married adults want to find love and get married. About 23% of people who got divorced or widowed say that they would like to meet another person and remarry someday in the future. 

If you need a girlfriend, you may feel irritated by many superficial daters and “hunters” looking for a casual dating experience online or at local destinations. One of the major recommendations for you to follow is keeping patient, looking for your love match in the right places, and ensuring that you are the right kind of guy for your perfect love match. By the way, here are some tips on how not to feel lonely.

Below, we offer you to take a look at the 8 working tips that will help you find a perfect woman for love and for life. 

Need a Girlfriend? Here’s How to Find One 

To start looking for the right woman to start happy and long-lasting relationships with, you need to know the places where relationship-seeking ladies commonly spend their leisure time. Below is a list of suggested places for you to visit and activities to meet a woman for happy relationships, which can eventually lead to marriage. 

Try Online Dating

Looking for a partner online is one of the most popular trends among singles today. Whether you are looking for someone to spend fun time with or start a serious and long-lasting relationship with, online dating platforms are the right choice. Stats show that about 30% of matches today happen online.

Not all dating apps and websites are made equal. Keep this in mind when choosing the dating platform on which you’ll be looking for love. If you are serious about your love intentions, websites like Tinder and Bumble aren’t the best choice for you. There are other more reliable and reputable online dating options like eHarmony, VictoriyaClub, and others. 

Using online dating platforms, you can not only chat with ladies but also watch them on camera. The administration of online dating sites will also help you arrange a meeting with a girl you like. 


It’s another great way to find people who share common interests with you.Meetup.com is the place where you can find meetups for almost everything. The service helps you arrange meetups locally or in any place that you wish. Here you can find ladies that enjoy books, sports, hiking, and other activities. 

The service lets you join groups of people who share the same interests as you do. Even if you do not find love straight away, you can make friends with someone new and have a pleasant talk about the things you are interested in. Let it begin with a simple conversation with a woman who attracts you. Who knows, maybe someday it will evolve into something serious and long-lasting. 

Find a Girl through Family and Friends

It’s the proven and time-tested way of meeting someone new. When you and the woman who attracts you have common friends, it adds a feeling of reliability, meaning that the person you’ve found will be the right one to spend time with. 

If you haven’t visited your extended family for some time or you have seen your friends for a while, now it’s the best time to put your pride on the shelf and let your close people know that you need a girlfriend. They will be happy to assist you with your search. 

Don’t Pretend to Be a “Nice Guy” 

A “nice guy” is a person who pretends to be nice but can hardly be called one in reality. Girls are looking for men who are indeed nice and caring, have stable lives, and healthy self-esteem. They are not interested in dating men who only pretend to be nice. Being nice isn’t transactional. A woman doesn’t owe anything to a man, especially regarding intimacy in exchange for the man’s support or the time he spends with her. 

Being a nice guy means to just be nice for the sake of it (sorry for the tautology). Be honest about your intention with the woman you spend time with. When you are in a relationship, you need to reconsider your priorities and be open about your plans and expectations if you don’t actually want to remain just friends forever.   

Take a Woman on Real Dates

Taking a woman to hang out with you and your friends cannot be considered a date. If you need a girlfriend, you need to treat her like you would a girlfriend. Invite her on real dates to spend time together. There are many ideas on how and where you can go for a date. For example, you can take her to a cafe, bar or restaurant. You may go for a walk in the park. You may leave for a short trip to the countryside, etc. You can take her to any place where you can spend some intimate time together, where you can get to know each other better during a pleasant conversation.  

Don’t Be Fully Obsessed with Her

It’s OKAY to feel the excitement of a new relationship, especially when it just begins. However, when you spend all the time thinking about your new date, especially when you are not together, you are at risk of spending all your mental and emotional bandwidth on her. 

It may come across as desperate and creepy, especially in a situation when a woman doesn’t feel as obsessed as a man. When you are in a relationship, you need to have some time to spend on your own. You can meet with your friends, do sports, or go for some other activities. A woman isn’t responsible for your happiness, either mental or physical. 

Be Honest That You Want a Girlfriend 

If you need a girlfriend, tell your lady about it. Don’t be tricky with her as you say that you are only looking for a commitment. At the early stages of your relationship, it can make you look cool. However, it may not give you the experience that you are looking for. 

Some guys may be afraid of speaking about their real plans because of the fear of serious relationships. Others are afraid to turn off the prospective dates. The truth is that when you speak honestly about your intentions, you only turn off occasional daters who will only waste your time. We all have a plan when we start dating someone. So, it’s better to discuss everything at the early stages until it goes too far. 

Wrapping up

Now that you know where to find a woman and how to behave with a girlfriend, let’s apply your knowledge to practice. Choose the right approach to begin a conversation with a lady and win her attention. No games or pick-up lines! Be serious about your intentions and success will follow.