Advice to Avoid When Trying to Get Back With Your Ex

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Perhaps you have read somewhere to try and make your ex jealous. Whatever you do, DON'T DO THIS! This is one of the worst pieces of relationship advice you could possibly put into action.

This is one of the worst pieces of relationship advice you could possibly put into action. Remember,Guest Posting you want to get back with your ex, not push them away! All this will do is show your ex that you have moved on and that they should as well.

You would be better off having your ex believe that they were the best thing in your life, while not seeming needy or desperate. This will boost your ex's confidence and have them soon realizing that you two were a great couple despite the occasional argument or differences you had.

Remember when the two of you first got together? Your ex was initially attracted to you for one reason or another. Think back on the first several weeks or even months and what made them so special. It is good to draw a line in the sand and identify what once was, what has changed, what hasn't, and why. Sometimes we forget about what brought us together and we lose sight of our relationship goals and each other in the process. Learn to be yourself, accentuate your qualities and remind your ex what you have to offer.

In closing, may I ask you a question? Have you ever known a couple whose relationship ended, only to see the girl take the guy back? Or vice versa? We all know someone who messed up and ended up getting dumped. Do you remember why they broke up in the first place? I am sure you know at least one guy or girl that took their lover back after an affair, unfaithfulness or worse!

Couples everywhere are giving romance another shot regardless of the situation without any sort of relationship counseling. Doesn't it make sense that if you can think of couples who got back together under even the most awful conditions that there is a chance for you to get back with your ex?

The end of a relationship is rarely easy. The pain can easily leave you feeling depressed and have you camped in front of the television with a tub of Eddie's ice cream and a bowl of lays potato chips sulking in self-pity. We all experience a breakup at some point in our lives. While some of us move on in self-pity, you chose not to be a victim and felt compelled to take action in order to get back with your ex.

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