Are You Displaying Beta Male Traits Around Women?

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There are certain "beta male" traits that guys display which can hurt your chances of attracting a woman.  In this article, you'll learn about what beta male is and how to avoid acting like one.

One of the core principles to attracting women is to learn how to become an Alpha Male.  By demonstrating this personality,Guest Posting you'll transform yourself into somebody who can display confidence in a quiet, but noticeable manner.

Now I'm sure you've heard a lot about acting like an Alpha Male.  But there is one problem with trying to accomplish this.  Since you know that alpha males are the guys who can attract women, how do you know if you're acting like an alpha or if you're a beta?

Well it's simple!

There are certain identifiable characteristics which can quickly show when a guy is acting like either an alpha or beta male.  Your job is to figure out if you're showing any of beta male traits, then work hard to change them.

For instance you should find out if you display any of these "beta male body language" cues:

1) Nervousness in your hands

What you do with your hands tells people a lot about your personality.  So be sure not to display any beta male signals with your hands.  This can include: 

• Shredding napkins or playing with items

• Sitting on or hiding your hands

• Trembling or nervous energy with your hands

• Playing or twiddling with your fingers

• Biting your fingers or chewing on your fingers

2) Approval seeking

A beta male is somebody who is constantly seeking approval from other people.  He is the guy who tells jokes in the hopes that others will find him funny. Or he is the guy who works hard to make people like him.  In essence, the behavior of the beta male is somebody who will do anything to "fit in" with the crowd. 

3) Following others

The final beta male characteristic is looking to others for guidance and self respect.  In a social setting, he is the guy who is constantly following the trends as a way to fit in and become cool.  In essence, he has no personality of his own.  Instead he is the guy who follows his friends or "what's cool" to define who he is as a person.

As you can see, there are a lot of traits which can make a beta male.  What's important is to look within yourself and find out if you're displaying ANY of these characteristics.  If you discover that you are, then I recommend you take steps to quickly eradicate them.

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