How to be an Alpha Male and Attract More Women

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The Alpha Male is the one guy who can attract women everywhere he goes.  In this article, you'll discover a 5 step system for becoming an alpha male.

Here is one secret found to be true of women…They are always attracted to a man with an alpha male personality! There is just something about an Alpha Male that draws women to them.

Female attraction to the alpha male is as embedded in they psychology as our attraction to women with a pretty face or large breasts.

So,Guest Posting what exactly is an alpha male and how do you become one? Well, the first step toward learning how to be an alpha male is to learn how to describe one. They have what is called the "alpha male personality" consisting of the following characteristics fundamental to all alpha men.

* Confident at all times and in all situations, regardless of what happens

* Knows he is desired, but does not need to prove it to those around him

* Is viewed as an "authority" in all situations

* Takes initiative and leads people

* Provides exciting, interesting experiences for women

Now that you know the fundamental characteristics, you can focus on becoming an alpha male yourself. The most important thing to remember is that you will learn how to display the alpha male body language everywhere you go and in all situations. I describe five steps below to help you demonstrate the alpha male personality traits with your mannerisms, movement and general body language.

Step 1: Say Goodbye to "Beta Male"

Before you can become an alpha male, you need to let go of your beta male characteristics. Certain body language traits can make you appear to have inferior status, a definite turn-off to women. For example, you need to consciously stop the following things:

* Folding your arms* Looking uncomfortable* Slumping your shoulders* Placing your hands in your pockets* Fidgeting* Afraid to take up space

Once you detect which habits you tend to do, you can begin to correct them. By avoiding the mannerisms above, you are already showing more of the alpha male personality.

Step 2: Be confident at all times

Women love confidence! There is not way around this truth. The alpha male displays confidence in all situations and does so by his body language. This easily impresses women.

If you really want to show the alpha male personality, you must learn to be calm, cool and collected at all times. Remain poised and confident in all situations, regardless of what happens.

If you are a guy who really isn’t that confident of himself, I highly recommend you do something to change this. Women will see right through you if you do not believe in yourself first. Take a deeper look within yourself, identify the root of those unconfident feelings and work hard to fix them.

Step 3: Don’t worry about the outcome

Men portraying the beta male characteristics often display nervousness, especially when they are interacting with a woman. One reason is that they are too focused on the outcome of the conversation. On the contrary, the alpha male is not focused on whether or not he will "screw up" but rather removes all such thoughts and just focuses on enjoying the conversation.

Remember, it is not a life or death situation. Learn to sit back, relax and enjoy talking to an interesting woman for the pure sake of conversation.

She will see on your appearance what your mind is thinking. By letting nerves take over and worrying about whether she is attracted to you, you will unknowingly display an inferior body language. Go ahead and eliminate this anxiety, enjoy the conversation and introduce her to your alpha male personality instead!

Step 4: Relax

As you may have gathered in step three above, the alpha male is not only confident in all situations but simultaneously portrays a relaxed attitude in every situation. It is important that you learn to display a comfortable attitude, especially around women.

You can accomplish this several ways. First, ensure that your eyes are concentrated on whomever it is you are conversing with. If you are engaged in conversation with an interesting woman, be sure your eyes are focused in on her. Do not let your eyes dart around the room as you talk.

Second, learn how to learn back naturally and look comfortable. Third, be sure you do not breathe through your chest. Rather, learn how to breathe through your stomach. This can help keep you relaxed throughout the conversation.

There is no easy way around this step, though. To gain the benefits of the alpha male, you must learn to relax. When you are relaxed, women will be more comfortable around you which is an important first step in building attraction.

Step 5: Move with deliberate action

You could be making a serious mistake without knowing it. By always being ready to please those around you, you are displaying the beta male personality. To women, this portrays an inferior status behavior and does nothing to build attraction. Actually, one of the fundamental characteristics of a beta male is someone who is always ready to help and do favors for anyone who asks.

As kind-hearted as this appears, it is not a positive trait for the alpha male. Now, do not get me wrong. Taking on the alpha male personality does not require you to become an arrogant jerk. You must avoid portraying an inferior status by moving at your pace and a bit slower. By taking deliberate actions with each step, people will pay attention to your schedule, have more respect and not demand you follow theirs.

Simply put, you must learn how to become an alpha male if you want to become unbelievably attractive to women. Learning how to demonstrate the traits above, you can enjoy the alpha male personality and the many benefits of this magnetic personality. Soon, you will find that you have to put little effort into meeting, attracting and seducing women!

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