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Free online dating sites are here to stay. Try finding another industry that gives its services away.

An Australian online dating/singles site is giving away free memberships. New singles across Australia are encouraged to sign up free of charge today. The site owners are telling the Australian public not to pay a cent,Guest Posting all that is required is a computer.

Online dating sites are competing vigorously with each other to secure memberships from singles world wide. It was only a few years ago that using a dating site was regarded  be desperate and the end of the road for finding singles.

Current surveys in Australia based on various aged singles suggest that over 50% of singles have joined an internet dating site. This survey does not include singles who don’t admit to doing so. The Australian online dating site owner of Matt Fuller reported that  singles aged eighteen - thirty were most likely to look for other singles online. Singles over fifty years of age are also getting involved in online dating, with over 20% of Matts membership base aged in their fifties and sixties. Nearly one million Australians visit online dating sites every month.

As the push for new members hots up between the many internet dating sites, singles are going to come out in front. Some sites have gone to extreme measures to win over members by completely waiving fees and subscriptions. You would be challenged to find other industries incorporating this method to win over customers.

The Australian singles site has been specifically designed for anyone to use, age being no barrier.  The design and technical crew at HookMeUp have exhausted efforts to make this dating site the most user friendly singles site in Australia. Whilst maintaining its user friendly appeal, the dating site boasts functionality and features that rival all of the large internet dating/singles sites, which are by no means free.

Registration is  quick and easy and doesn’t ask personal or offending questions. The site includes features such as profile matchmatching, private messenger, loads of chat rooms with video cam chat, exchange new pictures and files on the spot or upload a video.

There are several other free dating sites emerging. One downside Mr Fuller is discovering having a free singles site is that it attracts fake members. Fake members from countries overseas. These fake singles are usually pretty easy to spot. They always offer their Yahoo or Messenger address to befriend unsuspecting singles. These fakers are usually after money or marriage to escape their country. Their profiles are often in broken English and profess their undying love for you before they even communicate with you. HookMeUp dating site has now taken the necessary action to protect its members by banning any members with overseas Ips and only excepts members from Australian and New Zealand.

Another down side is that some free online dating sites give away free memberships in order to collect a data base for spamming purposes. These particular free online dating sites usually have little or poor customer support, and don’t screen their members says MrFuller. There are real and genuine online dating sites available that make their revenue through advertising and offer a first class online singles dating experience. Just make sure you shop around and choose a free online dating site that ticks all the boxes. Free online dating and chat rooms for singles

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