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Do you know that till date, some guys remained programmed with certain false beliefs about girls? For example, the first group believe that girls wouldn’t have anything to do with them, the second set live with fear of being turned down, while the third group are programmed with the belief that meeting a girl for the first time is somehow complex. These are some of the common myths among them. But going back to the truth, the reality is that most girls aren’t that receptive to being asked out even on a first impression or any kind of face-to-face contact because they have brains; they’re not animals.

They know you’re asking them out not because you just want to but because of how beautiful and nice they are. That’s why no one would like to approach someone having self-image problem.

What you need to know about girls

 Asking a girl out isn’t a problem but knowing who she is. In order for you to be successful,Guest Posting you have to know certain things about her for a start. If you're not familiar with her, you can still start by showing some interest in some of her activities or if you can manage to know some of her friends, you’d certainly predict who she is.

Based on psychology, people tend to make friends only with those who behave or act like them. So knowing her friends will equally mean knowing who she is. This let you know the best manner of approach.

My friend and I went out one Sunday to a nearby malt and ordered some drinks. While chatting, a certain girl walked passed outside. My friend immediately followed her. I didn't know who she was but I knew my friend very well; he just wanted this new catch. It didn’t take that long before he came showing me her contact, address and some other few stuffs. With all the stuffs, I really wanted to know many facts.

I asked many questions but what really moved me was the reply he gave when I asked: "How did you manage to get this new catch and her details for the first time, was it that easy? He said " I have known her for some time without she noticing me. She used to play handball for the school team so after introducing my self, I started from there, commenting her talents and before she knew, I’d diverted the discussion"

As you can see, my friend got her because he knew few things about her, commenting on that, she felt relief. So, knowing few things about a person opens the gateway. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you, I explained just the few things you need to know about someone to make him/her fall in love with you without doing much.

This is how to ask a girl out

Prior to the above, I’m going to explain some steps below which when combined with the above, you’ll certainly make it:

  • Use confident approach: A research was carried out between guys who lacked self-confidence and confident guys. It was proven that girls tend to be more vulnerable to guys who appear to be confident than of their opposite. That’s the same reason why people who appear to be confident and know just what to say usually win, even in debates, they win. If you appear to be confident or know much of what to say, she’d definitely become receptive to your approach.
  • Make eye contacts: Still in the same book How to make someone fall in love with you, I explained how standing by someone's sight releases certain sweet hormones in the other person which in return make he/she starts developing love for and the same thing happens when trying to ask a girl out. If you managed to make enough eye contacts then she’d begin to notice your interest and when the right time for approach comes, she’d have already known your target. At this moment, the probability that she’d accept is very high.
  • Show some privacy: In order to avoid her turning you down, you must understand the circumstances in which she is. Therefore, ask her in relative privacy out of others. This way she won't feel the pressure of her friends judging you or her. It also would make things a lot easier for you.
  • Be fair in your judgment: The common fact among girls is that, not every girl will want to go out with just any guy. Girls generally have some sort of standard or criteria regarding what guys they’ll go out with and conversely what guys they won't. Sometimes it's as superficial as how someone looks. But in case she refuses for the moment, just immediately divert the topic to something else and only target it later.
Final say on how to ask a girl out

As you can see from the above stated, asking a girl out isn’t that difficult nor something which can’t be done or something no one ever did. So in order to ask a girl out, all you have to do is to obtain few knowledge about her and there, you make your move.

But in the case you rarely see her or let say you’re seeing her for the first time, you can still do it. But in this case, you just have to gather some courage, be confident in yourself and approach her. When doing this, consider her present circumstance/environment, have a key point in mind, and there you can make the move, right? Go and try it.

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