The psychology of images

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Do you know that images alone is sufficient to change one's present mood? Do you know that at times we develop certain habits due to what we see? How many times have you been motivated just by looking at something?


Research showed that images quickly influence our present life styles and behavior than other factors given that everything being constant.


Below are some of the ways how the psychology of images affect our moods positively and sometimes,Guest Posting negatively.

The psychology of images

A recent research was carried out between two sets of people. The first were given images of arrogant and gorillas to look at for a given time and the other group were given images of saints and puppies.


After, a certain person was asked to tempt both groups and it was certain that the first were more aggressive to him while the second group were polite. This equally means that most of the images we see contribute at least 2% in our lives.


Why do you think parents usually control their children's access to the internet? It has to do with what they'll see that they ought not to. It was also certain that people's desires for sex increase by 72% immediately after looking pornographic images.


The psychology of images is sufficient to change moods. What happens when you look at pictures of someone who died, what happens to your present mood? You tend to feel some degree of sadness and loneliness, right?


But do you think this is how someone watching his dream car will feel? Due to the psychology of the images, both packs feel and perceive the world differently.

How the media images contribute

What makes the lifestyle of royal and urban people different? It's highly rooted on social media programming. Very few people in the royal areas will copy from Michael Jackson.


The reason is that they really don't know who this man is. What if they were given full access to watch TVs or browse the internet, would they not start finding him appealing?


Same thing happens if they like him. If they liked him they'll tend to feel fine while watching his albums, while if they detest him, just his appearance on screen is sufficient enough to make them go mad.


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