How to Fix Your Broken Relationship with Your Married Partner

Dec 3


Shahrulnizam Tahir

Shahrulnizam Tahir

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Married is one of the couple dream when they have serious relationship back then. It is about having a long lasting relationship that bind them forever. If you are fighting with your partner now and want to fix your broken relationship, because you love your partner so much, then the tactics below will help you a lot.


Married is one of the couple dream when they have serious relationship back then. It is such a pity when both of them break up for just a few things that they are fighting for especially for young married partner. They should know that married is not a gamble,How to Fix Your Broken Relationship with Your Married Partner Articles or even a try and error thing, but rather for having long lasting loving relationship that bind them until the end of life.


What should you do if you are having big fight and nearly break up soon? How can you protect your married? If this is happening to you, first of all, you need to calm down, be cool and just admit your mistake even the fault is not on your shoulder. This is to release high pressure between both of you so that you can have a harmony sit to talk about the cause of problem further. This is so helpful as initial step to fix your broken relationship because normally fighting partner will not agree to have some sweet talk with you until you have lessen pressure mood.


Now, your married partner has agreed to meet you. So, what is next? Bring your partner to your first dating place or your honeymoon place. This is to bring your sweet memory back. Environment has some positive aura to affect your conversation later. Try to wear the same clothes, setup your dinner place or anything you do in your first honeymoon or in your first dating place. Your partner may not remember it, but their body nerve will remember the feeling and make them to feel comfortable even more.


When you are having conversation, you need to be a lead and also a listener. What is that mean? You will asking your partner about their feeling on every sweet memory that they have with you. Make them remember back and if they are asking you back try to re-asking anything to your partner back and tell them you are willing to listen to every word from them. Even some words is hard to you, you are willing to fix it to be better. Just remember that whoever control the conversation, will then control the outcome. And one thing to do is by asking questions all the time so that you will be more caring to your partner to fix your broken relationship.


Do you ever heard any married person who is never argue anything in their life with their married partner? Of course not. I bet even your loving parents have some arguments in their life. We are not living in the fantasy world. So, let your married partner tell you all his or her emotional feeling to you until their heart feels easy even more. And asked them at the end, what are things that your partner really wants from your married relationship. They will tell you everything that they want. At this time, just listen carefully word by word what they tell you.


And boom! The final piece, the trick, to complete the puzzle and persuade them to stay loving with you. Use their words back to them. Ask them if you are willing to slowly but steadily change toward what they want, does your partner will stay with you? Make them confidently say yes, not just to you, but to themselves that they willing to start again. Try this suggestion and see the result yourself, it may not working to some others but it will eventually work to fix your broken relationship.


You are not caring your partner if you do not love them. And you are not hate and feel hurt with someone if you do not loving them. Why someone is bothering with something if it will not catching their heart, right? That is the sign your partner still love you. Go get them back.

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