How To Get My Ex Boyfriend To Like Me Now

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How To Get My Ex Boyfriend To Like Me Nowd. Steps that you can follow to have more success in your relationship to get reconciled with an ex boyfriend.

How To Get My Ex Boyfriend To Like Me Now

So you are wondering how to get him to like you again. It is the fact of life that most couples get troubles to keep their relationship happy. Instead of trying to figure out the best way to keep the relationship happy,Guest Posting they just move to the different ways to live their own lives. Well, if you want to get your ex boyfriend to like you again, you must have a plan and you need to follow your plan with discipline.

How to Get Him to Like You Again – Follow These Tips

Tip #1. Have a good conversation with him

What you need to do is to keep the communication lines open with him. If you want to fix the problems, you need to get him talking to you. You really don’t need to push him to talk to you. You just need to have casual conversation with him so that you can apply other techniques on him.

Tip #2. Avoid threatening him

You really don’t need to threaten him to take you back. Actually, you want him to like you again. And the surest way to get him dislike you is to threaten him for anything. Well, when you get him to share his thoughts, you can start talking about the bad issues in a subtle way. Make sure that you should not seem desperate. You have to focus on general talk with him.

Tip #3. Find out his mistakes on the relationship

Once you have had some conversation with him, try to make the next conversation as long as you can. Now move the conversation to your mistakes and regret for them. Now point out his mistakes and tell him that you are responsible for his mistakes. Reverse psychology is very effective to get him back when he's moved on. Well, you should avoid pointing out his weakness.

Tip #4. Apologize to him

If you do it correctly, this is the best way to get him to like you again. Well, you need to use emotional words when you apologize to him. Use emotional phrases like these, “I love you, but I don’t want to hurt you, therefore I decided to go away from your life” “I am not worth for you and I think that you’ll be happier without me” “I want to see you happy even if it’s not with me” and so on.

These are the best things to say to get him like you again. But you must have a plan to follow. Without a plan, you will defeat even before you start.

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