Dua To Get Married To Your Love Soon

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Recite this powerful dua to get married to your love soon on regular basis for getting an effective result in a month.


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Are you wondering whether it’s time to break up with your girlfriend?

This can be a difficult question to answer for yourself. After all, perhaps you’ve heard that relationships are supposed to be difficult sometimes. 

Maybe you’re worried about throwing away a relationship which could be improved and made truly great?

It’s a dilemma that most men will face at some point or another, and that’s why I decided to create this guide. It features 39 signs that it’s time to end your relationship. 

One of the biggest reasons to end it with your girlfriend is a lack of trust. Perhaps you worry about her texting or spending time with other guys? At the same time, maybe you have no evidence of her doing anything wrong?

That’s why I want to recommend this online communications tracker tool.

This intelligent tool can connect with your girlfriend’s personal devices and reveal a ton of data about her communications history. 

You’ll find out who she’s been texting and calling most (hopefully you), what apps she’s using (hopefully not Tinder or any other dating apps). 

The tool will also show what online services she’s signed up to and whether she’s registered any secret contact details.  

Put simply, this tool will reveal whether you were right to be doubtful about her behavior when you’re not around. What’s more, it’s 100% discreet, so there is no chance of her finding out she’s being tracked.

Don’t have trust problems? That’s great, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you should stay together. Read on for my list of signs that it’s time to break up with your girlfriend.

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Signs You Don’t Want To Be With Your Girlfriend

If you don’t want to be with your girlfriend anymore, what signs are pointing you to end the relationship? Are you missing that loving feeling? Do you think you’d be better off as friends? What signs tell you this is true?

Being in a relationship is tough work, especially if you love the person but don’t have that loving feeling anymore. It’s very possible to be in a relationship with the feeling of love but where you don’t like your girlfriend anymore. It’s important to like your girl, though. Love isn’t always enough to make a man happy!

In this article, we’ll talk to men who are unsure about the girl they are in a relationship with. Maybe the man has a feeling that he should end the relationship but doesn’t know for sure. Perhaps the signs are unclear at this point. Many men won’t end a relationship on a hunch, especially if they’ve been in the relationship for over a year.

We’ll clear everything up in this article as we explore the signs to look out for, the signs that love is not enough anymore, and the signs that you need to get out of the relationship.

1. You don’t make your relationship a priority

You know you should put more effort into your relationship, but you just don’t care anymore. Maybe you should surprise her with flowers on her birthday, but you just want out of the relationship because the signs show that she is making you miserable. If you are a man in a relationship like that, the sign is pointing toward a breakup.

You shouldn’t be with anyone who makes you unhappy. Men who are people pleasers tend to stay in a relationship even if there is a reason they should leave. This doesn’t make these men bad at love; they just want everyone around them to be happy. If you are a guy like this, you should think about what makes you truly happy and full of joy.

It may be smart to find a relationship that is full of love and joy. If you don’t feel like your relationship is a priority anymore, you may not be in love anymore with this person. This means you should end the relationship and find someone who will love you in the way you deserve!

2. You know that she’s making your life worse

Are you getting more bad than good in the relationship? Do you feel like the relationship is sucking the life out of you? This is a surefire sign that you need to end the relationship and find one that will fulfill your life completely. 

You don’t deserve to be in a relationship that has more bad than good. Consider moving on because you have a clear sign that you need to.

3. You don’t care if she ends the relationship

Do you pick fights with your girlfriend in the hopes that she will end the relationship so that you don’t have to? If you are giving her sign after sign that you don’t want to be in the relationship, it’s clear that you need to move on. You are unhappy with this love interest and have ample reason to end the relationship.

4. You really only stay together in the relationship because of the kids

Often, a guy will stay in the relationship if kids are involved. A man who cherishes his children and puts them first is admirable, but you shouldn’t be in a relationship just because you don’t want to disappoint your kids. Think about your happiness, too!

5. You love flirting with other girls

If you are a flirty guy, you may not need to be in a relationship at all. You might enjoy playing the field more and staying single. If you get your thrills out of flirting with other girls, that’s a sign that it’s time to get out of a serious relationship. What would your girlfriend think if she knew about this? No guy should feel trapped in a relationship.

6. You feel completely disconnected from your girlfriend

Do you think the two of you are just on different pages? Do you think your relationship is just doomed because you have no connection anymore? Do you long for the days when you’d have butterflies in your stomach from falling in love with a girl? What is your relationship like now? Do you talk about the important things in life?

Ask yourself these questions as you work to discover if you should end the relationship or keep things going. You may be better off alone if there is no longer a connection. Consider doing some soul-searching to determine if the two of you are just temporarily disconnected or permanently lost from one another. 

It may be helpful to talk to a trained therapist or counselor about this to determine what really makes you happy. If you aren’t getting happiness out of your relationship, there is a problem going on.

7. You know that she is way too high maintenance

What does high maintenance really mean? First of all, a high-maintenance person is typically full of drama. They might get mad over the littlest thing. For example, maybe you said something pretty innocent, but they took it as a personal attack. This kind of behavior isn’t healthy and will just cause constant drama in the relationship.

Second, a high-maintenance person can be very emotional. Maybe they throw things across the room when they are upset over something instead of calmly talking it out. If this sounds like the person you are in a relationship with, you may be with someone who is very high-maintenance. This isn’t a great way to live on a day-to-day basis.

Finally, high-maintenance people tend to be very clingy and needy. They need lots of attention, and if they don’t get enough, they will lash out. Perhaps, they will stay mad at you for long periods of time because they didn’t get their way or you didn’t give them adequate attention, even if, in reality, you gave them plenty.

8. You have feelings for someone else

If you’ve developed romantic feelings for someone else, it may be time to call it quits. You are probably thinking about this other gal much more than you think about your girlfriend. That’s not a great sign. 

Think about what matters the most to you, and focus on that. It may be helpful to talk to your friends or family about what you’re going through.

10. You know that the idea of a commitment with her scares you

Sure, one day you want to get married, but you would never have thought that she’d be the candidate you’d choose. If that is how you feel, it’s time to get out of this relationship and find someone you can build a future with. Think about your long-term goals and how you plan to meet them with the people in your life.

11. You prefer to spend time with your friends and family over her

If you put others first, you don’t really think about your partner much. She isn’t much of a priority to you. You’d rather spend your time with people who make you happy rather than your partner with whom you don’t really get along. Consider talking to your friends and family members about this struggle to get to the bottom of it.

12. You want to or already are cheating on her with someone else

If you’re sleeping with someone who isn’t your partner, you may have already made a decision. It’s time to break up with your girlfriend and be with this other person. You clearly find her more sexually appealing, so dump the girl and be with the one you are already devoting yourself to.

13. You know you are not in love with her

If you know that love is not in the equation, you should really consider evacuating and finding a relationship where it is there. There’s no reason to be with someone you kind of like but don’t have real feelings of love for. Now, if you just started a relationship with someone, you might want to give it a bit of time to let love blossom. Don’t rush it!

14. You are only staying together because you don’t want a sunk cost

A sunk cost occurs when you invest time or money in something or someone, and you cannot get your investment back. This might be relevant if you feel like you’ve spent a lot of time with your gal and just want to make it work for the sake of working. Maybe you think, “I invested time and money in this relationship, so I’m sticking!”

Sunk costs are difficult to let go of, but you need to realize that mistakes are learning opportunities, not errors. Things have passed, and it’s important to invest your future in someone you actually like and look forward to having a future with. It’s a shame you spend time and money on the wrong person, but it happened. Time to move on!

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