How To Get The Conversation Going With A Stranger

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For most of us, getting the conversation started with a complete stranger is a daunting thought. Overcoming this fear has the potential for you to create new worlds and embark on new life ventures when ever you please.

We're sure you've heard of the old saying 'it's the simple things in life that matter' - and this very approach is the answer to breaking the ice when it comes to getting to know a stranger.

So let's make it real easy,Guest Posting a simple "hi there" and a friendly smile is all it takes to gauge how your comment has been accepted. No-one knows you better than yourself, so go with your gut feeling and back yourself if your instinct is sending you positive signals.

Let's say your out shopping or at the gym and you have this sudden urge to meet someone you've just spotted - it's important to strike while the iron is hot so you don't miss this opportunity, but prepare some quick conversation regarding the surroundings before you say hi.

Follow up your introduction by making the person feel good about themselves and telling them how well their shoes match their top, or you love the color of her lipstick.

What can often easily start out as an average day can just as easily turn into a brilliant day if someone compliments our appearance and gives us a much needed boost in self confidence. Try brightening up someone's day by offering a compliment - and watch the reaction you get!

Is it okay to start a conversation with someone you've never meet before regardless of the situation? For example, we would not suggest approaching a stranger who is walking or jogging alone in a quiet park, or invading someone's personal space if they are sun baking at the beach.

If it is your intention to find romance or friendship by approaching strangers, there is certainly a time and place that is appropriate, and think about how your approach could be received, you don't want to come across as a stalker!

Being complimentary is one thing, but choose wisely as to what it is you choose to compliment. Don't come across as sleazy or as if you have a hidden agenda.

Once you master this technique, life as you know it will change forever and doors will start to open for you like never before.

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