How to get your ex boyfriend even after he breaks up

Dec 19


Linda Crowford

Linda Crowford

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This article will show how to control yourself to win back your ex boyfriend. If you do not make any terrible mistakes that you can still salvage your relationship and get your ex back in no time.


When the love of your life decides to get out of your life can be painful. Many women are in emotional turmoil triggered when her ex-boyfriend decides that it is time for him to move out of the relationship. Break ups are always make your life difficult,How to get your ex boyfriend even after he breaks up Articles but if it's not something you want.  A woman, who is still in love with her ex, can see no possibility of a future with him. This is not necessarily the case though. Getting back together can happen if you know how to handle the situation correctly. When you consider how to get an ex boyfriend back after he broke up with you, first of all give her space.

There is an instinct inside each of us when we love someone; we want to be near to them. If your ex boyfriend feels he needs to distance from you, the best thing you can do is to give this away. That means no contact. It is very important that you respect his wishes at this time. However, if you avoid his request and barrage him with phone calls, texts or emails, he'll probably block your number and email. He may be looking for the opportunity to express his thoughts and feelings. Give him the space to think, and actually realize how much he misses you. 

One of the strongest feelings for a woman is when a man she loves is suddenly ended their relationship in intense anger. This can lead to verbal attack, pointing out each other’s faults and further worsen the relationship. You have to find another way to vent your anger, so that when you connect with him by phone, e-mail or in person, you try not to bite off his head. It is important for you that you will not let anger come in between while you are doing hard to win back your ex. If you do, he will feel he was right to break up with you and you may never win again.

Some women will say that the ability to make him jealous, kindle the fire of lust. This rarely works. If you start flaunting another man in front of your ex boyfriend, he is likely to conclude that you are completely after him. Chances are, he will question your love for him if you appear to be moving quickly to a different relationship. Any plan to get your ex boyfriend back need not necessarily to involve another man. A good advice is to take time after the break up. If you've set out to spend time with friends, do that. Take up a new hobby or read books that you have not yet read. The purpose is to focus on you and stay away from men for now.

It happens that men realize what they have lost during the break up. If this is the case, let your ex boyfriend an opportunity to come to you. Be realistic and do not commit that you can’t keep. If you really love each other, learn to avoid problems that ruined the relationship before and compromise to start up fresh.

Don’t give up if you strongly believe he is the man of your life. There are other steps and methods that if you learn and apply, will make you irresistible for him.  Please visit at to know those proven methods.

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