3 Tips on How to Find the Best Online Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Directory

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Cell phone lookup 3 tips on how to find the best reverse cell phone lookup directory

Did you know that 368,Guest Posting000 and 201,000 searches were made on the Google search for two specific keywords “cell phone lookup "and" reverse cell phone lookup " only in the last month? That's more than half a million look-only searches for mobile phone a month. What on earth is the reason of half a million people to do reverse cell phone lookup? Main reasons - Prank Calling is one of the main reason to get help. Unfaithful spouses –Whether it is a calling on the wee or awkward hours, continuous text messaging, missed calls from unknown numbers from your spouse’s cell phone numbers. This is one of the main reason for using reverse phone directory hel.

Tapping on teenagers’ cell phones to find out unknown callers and to save them falling prey to pranksters.


Telemarketers – Who keep “cold calling” you and annoying you by trying to sell you unwanted products or services.


Can you use white pages to find callers? Unfortunately, you can not find callers’ identity by their cell phone numbers because they are not listed in the white pages. You may find short details if they have landlines. This is why cell numbers are not in the public domain. In other words, the mobile phone numbers are unlisted. Why are mobile phone numbers unlisted? In contrast to fixed phone lines, cell phone numbers are considered as private identity. There are also various privacy laws and laws for the protection of the moral rights of the cell phone users. This is also the reason why no wireless 411 directory or folder in the US mobile phone from Verizon, T-Mobile, Cingular, or another mobile operator are mentioned. How to use reverse lookup cell phone number? Although the public domain does not contain information on the owners of mobile phones, there are many online reverse phone directory is available who collect this information from all wireless phone operators in the US (and sometimes Canada as well).

How to find the best reverse cell phone lookup service? 3 Tips!

Company’s Reputation - There are many reverse phone lookup directories are available but you should not take the first cell phone number directory that you come across. Reputation of the company is the important criteria while selecting the directory.You do not want to be ripped off by trying to reverse lookup a cell phone number. Database - The size of the database must be in millions of records. If the company has very limited number of records, chances are slim that that you will get callers’ identities for large number of database. Accuracy – Database should be able to provide you accurate information about caller’s identity. Company must update their database regularly so that you get most updated information whenever you use them. If you pay attention to the above 3 points, you will be able to get safe and accurate results. If you come across the companies with smaller databases, incorrect or outdated information, please avoid them by all means. If you are looking for the most trusted online reverse phone lookup directory that will get you accurate information every time you use it, please visit http://reverse-phone-directory-service.blogspot.com/. Not only it provides caller’s address but also provide much more that can be used for background check of the person.

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