How To Increase Romance In Your Relationship - Be A Challenge To Your Girlfriend

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Learn how to increase romance in your relationship. One way to do that is to be a challenge to your girlfriend instead of a doormat. Start heating up your relationship today or you may find yourself dumped out the door.

Is your relationship cooling off and you want to know how to increase the romance in your relationship and keep your girlfriend? Is it possible she might be thinking about breaking up with you? Perhaps you realize you have not been exactly an exciting guy to be around?Sometimes woman enjoy a man who does not agree with everything she says,Guest Posting does everything she wants and just in general lives his own life. These same women might even complain about their boyfriend being this way, but in reality, they enjoy the challenge of being with a "manly" man.So how do you become more of a challenge to your girlfriend and increase romance in your relationship?Warning: do not overdue this or you will end up being dumped very quickly and I am guessing that is not the result you are looking for. If you think your partner is taking you for granted, for instance, try to become a little less available.What do I mean by that? The next time she calls or texts to arrange last minute plans, be unavailable. Have other arrangements in place even if it means you are just washing your hair. She will slowly get the message that you have a life and while she is important to you, she may not be sun that your world revolves around.Romance can be a tricky thing, so increasing romance is not always what you think. If you are always the one to initiate nights out, try taking a back seat and see what she comes up with.  Will she come up with something instead or give you a tongue lashing.Maybe it has been your habit to send her flowers every week. Ok, skip a week and see what her reaction is. I am not suggesting you start ignoring the woman in your life but if you have been acting like a doormat now is the time to change.Who pays when you do go out? Tradition has the man buying dinner on the first date or two, but after that, does she ever pick up the tab? This is especially relevant if you have similar jobs and incomes. Shoot, maybe she makes more than you.Arrange nights out with your own friends, even a boys night out. People involved in a relationship deserve a night out alone every so often, that does not kill the romance in your relationship; not a healthy one, anyway. Your girlfriend may not like it, but if you behave yourself there should be no problem with that.  What you want is to increase the romance in your relationship, not change who you are. We want to make you a challenge to your girlfriend, increase your desirability in her eyes and put a little more thrill in her chase of you.Women do not like men behaving like new puppy, all eager to please and bouncing around the place. It may be fun for a couple days but most girls will eventually get bored with your behavior.  She will think you are too predictable.A new man will come along who offers her a challenge and she will dump you. If you love this woman then you better learn how to increase the romance in your relationship. Becoming more of a challenge to your girlfriend is one method to do that.Want to learn the secrets of a successful relationship and avoid becoming single again? Head over to our website and check out the free video, then you will know your next step. The address is

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