How to Make Your Ex Return Your Phone calls!

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Your ex is not returning your calls or text messages and you want them back. Here is how to change that!

How to Make Your Ex Return Your Phone calls

Breaking up can be painful for both partners especially if you both know that you truly love one another. You may have already been together for a long time with plans to even make things permanent by tying the knot. You know you want to make up and get your ex back,Guest Posting and you have left message after message on his/her answering machine and text on his/her cell phone but they are still not calling you back. There are some magic words you can use to turn this around  and if you want to know how to make your ex return your phone calls then you are half way to winning the battle to get your ex back.

 How to get your ex to return your phone call and text messages.

Before using this strategy it is best to have a set plan of action in place or you may do even more damage to your broken relationship. You need the right advice to get your ex back to refer to from experts, so that you know what your strategy is going to be and you are fully prepared. You can do serious damage to a relationship leaving a message that indicates an emergency. Something like

‘Please call me urgently because it is an emergency and I have to talk to you,

 or a text message ‘please call me urgently’ I have left a few messages already and you must get back to me’.

When he/she finds this is not true then you have lost the game and because your partner is not apt to believe you again. Everyone knows the story about crying wolf and how dangerous it can turn out to be?

Use curiosity and self interest to your advantage to get your ex to return your calls

You are on a mission to get your beloved back and care needs to be taken to do it the right way. Magic words that are apt to get your partner back must combine self interests and curiosity. Here is a great example:

“Hi Xxxx Its Mmm; I just wanted to let you know I appreciate what you did for me. Please do me a favor and give me a call  soon, so that I can thank you.”

Think of the questions in your ex mind now that will spark him/her to reach for the phone. What did I do for hm/her? & what does he/she want to thank me for? This is a positive message that will have your ex reaching for their phone or to text you back to get answers.

What you need to have ready when your ex calls you back.

You dearly want your ex back and you need a strategy and answers in place to complete the picture now. Getting your ex back is your chief goal and these answers must be workable. Remember; handled incorrectly can mean disaster because you may only have just one chance so use the right advice the first time. It is vital that you are fully prepared for when your ex calls you back because they certainly will.

You NEED THIS ADVICE before you use this strategy to get your ex back. If you are not ready after using this method discussed to get your ex to return your phone calls, then you can lose the real chance of ever getting your beloved back!

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