How to Touch a Woman and Get Her Excited

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The way you touch a woman can make or break your chances of sex.  In this article, you’ll discover a simple method for touching her in a provocative manner.

“How can I have sex with this woman”This is a common question guys wonder when they’re on a date.  They like this girl,Guest Posting find her attractive and want to find a way to “close the deal”.  The problem is they’re clueless about how to make things intimate.If you’re like a lot of men, then you’re probably not sure how you can transition from a date to the bedroom.  And most women aren’t willing to help you out.  If you’re unable to fully understand how to make this transition, then you’ll have little chance of success.The secret to moving from a date to sex is simple.  All you need to know is how to TOUCH her.  When you establish a physical connection, it becomes easier to led things towards a sexual encounter. Now when I talk about touching, I don’t mean you should immediately group a woman upon meeting her.   Instead you should follow a natural progression which revolves around her comfort levels. In essence you want to follow what I like to call- The Touching Progression ModelThe idea behind this technique is a woman must be comfortable with your touch before she’ll develop sexual feelings towards you.  So if you want to become intimate with her, you should initiate touching in a manner that starts with “safe touching” and goes all the way to “sexual touching”.And as you progress up the “touching ladder”, you’ll constantly observe her body language and see if she’s comfortable with your touch.  To get started, here is a list of touching which ranges from LOW RISK all the way to HIGH RISK:--> Touching her arm (or vice versa)--> Touching her leg (or vice versa)--> Touching her medium risk areas (forearms, shoulders, knee, or wrist)--> Holding her hand--> Putting your arms around her (or vice versa)--> Having her sit on your lap--> Touching her intimate areas like her face, chest, neck and inner thighsNow the important thing to remember about “The Touching Progression Model” is your goal is to go from an initial conversation to kissing her.  If done correctly, you can use it easily transition into sex.  So you must take any with a woman interaction through these steps and ensure that she’s comfortable with each escalation point. To really ramp up your touching, you should implement the “Two steps forward, one step back” rule.  This means you should constantly advance your physical contact, but also pull back before she’s uncomfortable.  Just remember to be the first to break contact.  If she doesn’t like your arm around you, then COMPLETELY break contact.  What usually happens is the girl enjoys your physical contact.  When you end it on YOUR terms, she’ll try to find a way to get you to reinitiate the touching.Now the big question is this:  Should you touch her or should you get her to touch you?Well the answer is pretty simple.  ALWAYS make it seem like she’s the one who is initiating the physical contact.  A way you can do this is to take her hand and put it on YOUR arm.  By making it seem like she’s the one to initiate contact, you’ll reduce her nervousness and let her know that she’s in complete control of the physical escalation. The final thing you should remember about physical escalation is keep it active.  When you’re touching her, you want to make it lively not stale.  For instance, if you’re holding her hands, then you could lightly run your fingers along her hands in playful manner.Initiating physical contact is the gateway between a conversation and sex.  If you want to be intimate with a woman, then you have to know to make her turned on JUST from your touch.  If you follow the physical escalation model that I talked about, then you’ll discover it’s easy to move things quickly towards intimacy.

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