Cheat sheet for men that look for women

Sep 16


Chris Staples

Chris Staples

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Use this cheat sheet for men to meet and date women you really like. take your first step, go for a date and live a happy life


Sometimes it is not that easy to act consciously and carefully when it comes to meeting new girls. Plenty of guys get worried and quite often they make stupid mistakes. It would be really nice to have a small cheat sheet when you meet the girl you like not to scare her away. In this article we will try to cover most of the aspects where guys usually make mistakes. It will be a cheat sheet for men that look for women.

1. First move

Some time ago it was a rule of thumb that only guys take the first step. But plenty of things have changed over time and now this is no longer the case. Though in most of the cases guys are still dating initiators.

And here are some important rules you should follow not to screw up.

  1. Choose the right moment. She should not be surrounded by noisy people and she should not do any work at that time.
  2. Speak confidently. 
  3. Your smile is always an icebreaker.
  4. Don’t use cheesy pick up lines. Your first interaction should not be about expression of sympathy.

Sometimes girls are initiators and it is wise to give them a chance. Make sure to check this useful tutorial on who makes the first move and how.

2. First dates

Your first 3 dates are like military intelligence. You should be careful and accurate. You should be smart with what you tell about yourself and what you ask her on a date.

Use these 80 best dating conversation starters. They will help you to defuse the situation and direct your date into the right way.

And here are some rules you should follow.

  1. Use compliments. Even small compliments will make her feel good. Here are the top 70 best compliments to a girl that she really wants to hear.
  2. Combine light topics with those that you are really interested in. Check this list of the best conversation topics on a date.
  3. Arrange the first 3 dates in quiet places. Use this time to tell her about yourself and learn something about her.
  4. Learn as much about her as it is possible.
  5. Check her reaction on specific date types,Cheat sheet for men that look for women Articles topics you discuss, etc. Be attentive.
  6. Respect her and don’t be too pushy.
3. Dates when you are a couple

When you consider yourself as a couple you should keep developing your relationship. Remember, the stagnation in a relationship is super dangerous. So, make plans, talk about the future together, do some things that your partner really likes.

Quite a popular type of date for a couple is watching a movie together. But don’t watch just any movies. There are specific ones that will have a positive impact on your relationship. Here is the list of the best movies for a date night. These films are just perfect to build a nice romantic mood.

Another popular type of date is a “hotel date”. You can get a room in your hometown or go somewhere for vacation. First of all, people behave rather differently when they are out of their comfort zone. And second of all, it is extremely good to change the scenery. 

Moreover, it is a nice change to guys to make it even more romantic. What if you overcome her expectations and do something special for her. Here is a nice tutorial on how to make a hotel room romantic.

And here are some DONTs.

  • Never lose your vigilance. Sometimes a good relationship turns into a habit and you can find yourself in the friendzone.
  • If you feel you are in a friendzone do your best to escape it asap. You have quite a small amount of time. Here is a nice step-by-step guide on how to get out of the friend zone.
  • Don’t get her into something she does not like or does not want.
  • Never relax in a relationship development. Each of your steps should be a brick for your strong relationship building.
  • Don’t let anybody interfere with your relationship.
Wrap Up

Use this cheat sheet for your current or future relationships. Some of the things from this list are quite intuitive, but they are still important. Diversity of your ideas and actions is crucial and quite often we have no time to think about it. So, use this precious experience collected from different authors and make your life easier and more fun. Good luck!

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