Ideas for adventurous sex.

Jul 25


Matt Fuller

Matt Fuller

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You are starting to sense that things are becoming little flat in the bedroom with the guy or girl you are dating. Your trying to spice things up by playing kinky dress ups,Ideas for adventurous sex. Articles going to romantic restaurants, or perhaps you are starting to rely on alcohol, Viagra or other substances to keep the struggling fire burning.

We all remember doing it for the first time, just as we remember our worst time. Hopefully there will some moments and memories that we hold dear to our hearts. If its been too long between adding to those memorable and special moments, check out these ideas which came from some of the singles that participated in our online dating questionnaire: "Most weird and wonderful places to have sex"

Landmarks: Talk about risqué. Popular spots included places like on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, England's Big Ben, The Emperors Palace Beijing, The Botanic Gardens or on the side walk of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Try a few different places like this and see which one hits the spot!

Out doors: Take someone your dating to one of the local boat jetties at night and sneak onto one of the pontoons. How amazing, doing it under the stars while floating above the water. Or find a secluded beach, make sure you take a blanket otherwise things could get a little, gritty :) Any where outdoors is great, so long as you don't get caught, although the risk factor is what makes the whole out door sex idea a turn on.

The shower: Still feeling a little shy about getting your gear off at the risk of being sprung? Invite the guy or girl you are dating into the shower, sauna or hot tub. Talk about erotic! Or even sneak him into a female public shower block cubicle.

At work: Do you have the keys to your office? Sneak the girl you are dating into your office late one Saturday night and do it on your bosses desk...Ouch! The singles from our online dating questionnaire voted sex at work to be the most erotic place to do it, why? Because at work, we are rarely able to be ourselves and let loose, being at work forces us to act civilized and professional, and doing it at work gives us a sense of satisfaction that you have been able to shrug off the prim and proper act and are practically doing it right under your workmates noses but without them actually knowing about it.

Other popular places for couples and singles to have sex included: The car, an apartment rooftop, on a large property or farm where you can scream as much as you want, an elevator, the movies or joining the mile high club - in an airplane toilet.

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