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A great guide for female singles offering tips on how to chat to, and find wealthy men.    

Many younger girls dream of their imaginary Prince ,Guest Posting with castles in the sky. As they begin their teen and young adult lives, this dream gets scaled down a little, from a Prince to maybe a single millionaire with a beautiful mansion in a swanky suburb, a condominium in Paris, also a beach home in California.

   Usually, most female singles are content to settle down with a great man with a steady job who treats them with respect and love. But what about those female singles who still want to play out their dreams? How do they set about making their dreams a reality? The upshot of the situation is Prince Charming wont generally fall out of a tree, secondly the rich investment banker is not usually inclined to fall head over heels in love with the check out chick at the supermarket and sweep her away to a life of riches.

   How do female singles land a Mr. Charming?It requires work, girls! If you want to tap into dating and chatting to wealthy men and you want it bad enough, you need to be prepared to work for it. Here is some advice to help you start:

   • Location is a starting point! If you’re having your lunch at McDonalds each day, you’re not likely to bump into the guys with the fat wallets. Even if you do, normally they are only there as they’re in a hurry, and they are not perusing the menu. Give the cheap take outs and dingy cafes a miss and upscale, dear! Visit a restaurant or up market coffee shop in the central business district, shop at a gourmet grocery outlet, go for a stroll in an upscale neighborhood. These rich male singles won’t come to you, you need to go where they are!

• Take up golf or tennis. These are regular pastimes for wealthy male singles on the upper end of the income scale, and often a love match has been formed over a match of mixed doubles.

• Volunteer for charity outings. You can discover which guests are attending and socialize with the nobs.

• Many wealthy male singles are car buffs, and particularly fancy vintage cars. It may perhaps be worth your while to research antique automobiles and attend some shows.

• Consider relocating. The small unit or apartment in a well-to-do area is superior than the most grand home in a lower class neighborhood, when it comes to  rubbing shoulders with a wealthier group of people or rich male singles. Odds on that you will not meet and chat to wealthy singles in the common area of your low rent home, although who knows who you could meet and chat to in the elevator to your one bedroom apartment in that big trendy high rise?

• Changing your own work status is a great way to meet wealthy male singles, also. Stay away from jobs that do require you to wear uniforms, as this puts an obvious class distinction line between you and the wealthy male singles you want to chat to. You could find it worth the effort to go into a new field completely, such as a real estate sales position.

• Volunteer with high society charity do's. This allows you access to guest and seating arrangements, and more importantly, a free invitation to the actual event, where you can chat to all sorts of male singles you want to get to know.

If you do not have any cash resources that will not allow you to take up some of the options discussed in the article,an online dating service is also an excellent way to meet and chat with wealthy male singles. is a free online dating service that offers free dating and chat rooms, other online dating services specifically cater for rich male singles seeking a beautiful mistress or partner.  

Will you be happy with a rich man ? This is really up to you both. It’s been said often, “It’s as easy to marry a rich man as a poor man,” but the best advice of the lot is to marry the man who makes you the happiest, regardless of the amount in his bank account. If you marry for love as your first priority, you will receive the riches of your wildest dreams, if they happen to be rich, then count that as a bonus.  Free Online Dating service and Chat Rooms for Singles Australia Internet Dating

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