My Quick and Easy Guide on How to Talk to Women

Dec 18


Andrew Hunter

Andrew Hunter

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Most single guys are interested in how to talk to girls in a more alluring and seductive way. It really isn't that hard once you stop doing all the conventional stuff that plain doesn't work.


A lot of men are trying to find ways to talk to women that allows them to come across as suave and attractive. It really isn't that tough once you stop doing all the conventional stuff that plain doesn't work.

These are my personal advice on how to talk to girls:

Drop the pick up lines. These are just plain horrible. Men just memorize this garbage when they don't care enough to actually say something authentic to the woman. You'll be just about as attractive as a homeless guy begging for a dollar. "Spare a dollar?"  Does that make you feel like sitting down and getting to know someone?  I didn't think so.

Quit trying to impress women with your impressive job,My Quick and Easy Guide on How to Talk to Women Articles your Lexus, or any other stupid toys in your toy chest. This won't work because your going into the situation by putting her up on a pedestal as someone you have to impress. You are going in with the belief that she should see you as less than her. If you grew up with a little brother or sister, you know how frustrating it can be when they try to hang out with you and your friends and impress you. Absolutely not cool.

Along the same line of thinking, don't get too fixated on how attractive she is. She probably hears it a lot. But then, I don't need to tell you about judging books by their covers, do I?

Great, so we've gone over what not to do. Here is what you should do when you talk to girls.

Treat her like a real human being and just have a fun conversation. Try to see the girl as equal to you. A few "dating gurus" will tell you to treat her like you're superior to the girl. That's not my preference. If you're not careful you may just come across as a jerk. This personally isn't for me, but I will say that will put you ahead of all the men that make the mistakes I wrote about earlier.

If you see a woman as your equal, you don't feel the need to impress her with all your accomplishments. You just have a casual conversation. Yes, she is attractive but seriously, you can go ahead and treat her like a normal person.

Don't forget that she is like any other person and has aspirations and faults. She has nightmares from time to time. After you really understand this stuff, you don't have to worry about creeping the woman out ever again. Plus you'll have a fighting shot at actually getting to know her and building attraction.

The driving focus here is to not see her as someone you need to impress. If you try to approach her believing that you have to earn her respect, you're dead in the water before you even say hello. Talking to women isn't all that tough. Just treat girls like any other person you might have a conversation with.

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