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Have you read The Game by Neil Strauss? It's credited with popularizing Pick Up Artists (PUAs). Many men worldwide have had their eyes opened by this impressive book and revitalized their dating lives. Whether you're new to dating,Guest Posting or feel you're pretty experienced, the tips laid out here should help you in your dating life.

Pick up artists come in two types. The first kind of PUA works hard at it, memorizing specific scenarios or tales to tell their prospective companions. The pick up artist carefully crafts and hones each of these routines and stories, crafting them to make women feel more attracted to him. Of the different types of PUAs explored in Strauss' book, Mystery falls into this category.

The other type of pick up artist uses what Strauss calls the "natural game." This fellow, rather than memorizing lines and stories, uses his own natural charm and personality to achieve success with women. This fellow will approach women confidently, and his conversation will be spontaneous, natural, hence the label. If you've read The Game, you'll recognize this approach as the one used by "Juggler."

Now there's nothing wrong with either approach. Personally, I like natural game the best, but if canned routines work best for you, by all means use those. Memorizing all that material, though, seems too much like work to me. And think about it - which would you prefer, being liked by a woman because of a story you fabricated, or because of your own personality, who you really are?

Regardless of the strategy you employ, though, remember this: concentrate on your inner game, the real you. The term "inner game" is used to describe the real you - who you are, your beliefs, and especially your own self-confidence. You see, it doesn't matter how many tips and routines you've memorized, or how many stories you've fabricated - if you feel shy and unattractive, you're really not very likely to approach a woman you find attractive. But if your self-confidence is high - that is, if you truly believe that you're a likable and attractive guy, then you'll be able to approach most women without any concern for being rejected.

Another point: take it easy. These things take time. Concentrate on the basics - your self-confidence, your inner game - and as these things improve, you'll find yourself with more women than you ever dreamed would be possible in your life! Now if something's holding you back - if there's some sort of obstacle in your path - concentrate on overcoming that thing first. For me, it was shyness. I prescribed myself a special challenge. To overcome my shyness, I had to stop and talk with 100 strangers a week. Overcoming the obstacles you encounter is a job only you can do - nobody's going to do it for you.

I think, though, that of all the advice I could give, one of the most important is also one of the simplest: be consistent. Once you've found (or developed) an approach that fits your particular personality, stay with it! Wannabe PUAs will invest a ton of money on all sorts of material that promises to show them how to be successful with women, but they won't give any of the techniques and strategies time to work. Then, without giving any of them a fair trial, they'll complain that none work. Of course, skimming doesn't work in a case like this. Most of these guys, if they'd understood and applied what they'd learned, would have enjoyed dating success long ago.

Thus, my last tip is to explore the different styles, find the one with which you're most comfortable, and stick to it.

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