Reverse a Break Up in 5 Easy Steps

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In order to successfully reverse a break up you must go against everything that you feel inside right now and contain your emotions. If you go with the standard approach that many before you have tired chances are that you will lose your ex forever and ruin the last chance you have to stop and reverse your break up.

The best way to reverse a break up is to do the complete opposite of what you are doing and how you are feeling right now. What do I mean? Well,Guest Posting chances are you are trying to find ways to stay in contact with your ex desperately wanting to keep your ex in your life, this is your first mistake.

It is time for you to turn the tables on your ex and make them feel as if they were the one that was dumped, while this may sound hard considering the wave of emotions you are going through, it only takes a few changes to make your ex reconsider and reverse a break up.

Firstly, stop all contact with your ex, stop trying to speak to them, if you do speak to make sure you thank them for the time you spent together and agree with the break up. Yes I know this make you feel as if you want to die inside but you must complete step 1.

Step 2 requires you to move on with your life, do not sit there feeling sorry for yourself and constantly thinking about your ex, right now you have nothing to lose but everything to gain, keep this in mind.

Step 3, spend time with your friends, do things that you love and rediscover yourself, the goal here is to show your ex that you do not need them in your life. This may be the opposite of how you feel but you ex must feel as if you do not need them to feel happy and survive.

Step 4, get the word out that you are happy being single, meeting people and going out with friends and enjoying your single life. Make sure the word gets back to your ex about your new found lease on life and how well you are doing without them in your life.

Step 5, when you ex hears about how happy you are their mind will race with thoughts of what has lead to this new change, have you meet somebody else or do you no longer care about them or both!

Once you ex sees how well you are doing being single, the attention you are getting and the regained confidence they will be compelled to make contact with you, this is where you can reverse a break up and get back together with your ex.

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