Reverse Psychology of Making Up with Your ex Girlfriend.

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Women love to be in control, especially when it comes to making up. Here is some great advice...

Women like nothing more than being in full control of the situation when you are trying to make up,Guest Posting and nothing will give her more pleasure than to see you groveling to get her back into your arms again. Making up is great after breaking up if it is possible, and the relationship can become so much sweeter. In most cases the relationship will also be better off for it. Both partners will be aware of what caused the breakup and will make sure to avoid the same issues arising again. If you have broken up and it was your fault (because she says so) and you would dearly like her back the first step is to never to beg or plead for her to come back to you. Huge mistake! All the relationship experts including myself will tell you this!!

Begging to get your ex back shows the lengths you will go to save the relationship

Sure you still love her, and whatever the reason was for your breakup you just have to have her back. When you are making up and plead for her to come back you will end up humiliating yourself, and you certainly don’t want that to happen do you? She will surely get subtle satisfaction to see you panicking, and to gloat she will even tell her friends and even her parents how you are groveling to get her back. On the other hand; with certain women they may start feeling suffocated from your desperation and instead of making up you can end up pushing her further away. Put a little thought into making up and use little reverse psychology instead. If you make her think you are nonchalant about the breakup, she will be the one that is curious as to why because she knows you want her back. The hunted now turns into the hunter.

Making up; steps to follow.

It is all about mind games when it comes to making up. Sure you are feeling desperate, alone, hurt and you will do anything to get your ex back! If you start the chase to make up with her, you immediately lose the bargaining power. Begging pleading and being apologetic are all no-nos. You do not want to accept complete responsibility for the breakup, and this is what you will end up doing. If you do get back together in this vein it is going to haunt you forever because she will use it as a weapon against you!!  Follow the steps available in making up guides exactly and a little research will lead you to expert advice on what to do.

Breaking up happens and it is both your fault.

More often than not a breakup is both your faults, no matter what the reason is that caused it. Clear minded communication is the proper way to repair a damaged relationship, and every guide will tell you this. Give your partner some space and spend time with your family and friends to distract your self. Leave the lines of communication open, and keep yourself busy so that you are calm and collected for when she calls, and believe me she is going to. Make sure that you are not feeling defensive, desperate, angry or resentful.  When she calls the ball is going to be in your court and you must have all the right knowledge of what to do with it before you serve it back. Don’t be afraid to invest in relationship guides. They will certainly be a valuable help to you!

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