Romantic Ideas to spice up your love life.

Jul 8 09:44 2009 Matt Fuller Print This Article  Has romance and sex taken second priority to your daily routine. Check out some of our spine tingling tips that will liven up your love life and ensure the spark of romance is once again ignited.

Romance tips to make him go wild:

* Book in for a couples body massage,Guest Posting a great way to un wind together, a perfect way to get the libido pulsing again.

* Do some outside chores or gardening wearing nothing but an overcoat and time it so he gets a glimpse as he arrives home from work.

* Take a day out at an isolated location for lunch, by a river or reclusive parkland area, then partake in some risqué outdoor touchy-feely.

* Men are very visual - Surprise him when he comes home from work by dressing up as a naughty nurse, school teacher or Wonder Woman.

* Have sex in unusual parts of the house, for example, on top of the washing machine - Make sure its turned on (The washing machine as well ;)

* When your man is 10 minutes away from arriving home, pure a bubble bath, dim the lights, light a candle, pop the champagne and make sure your in the bath - waiting.

* Surprise him and time it so he walks in on you watching a naughty movie, then make him the star of the show.

* Take him out of the house and arrange for a 3 course meal to be sent over for when you arrive home - Ask a friend to do it.

Some interesting feedback and research suggests that men and women often have different needs in order to re-kindle romance. Women place more value in smaller detail and thoughtful gestures. What some men don't realize is that this sort of attention is a sure way to make her all perky and starry eyed, with you set to be the beneficiary.

* Start compiling a collection of photos of you both and the kids, then make a photo album for her.

* Pay attention to important dates, like her birthday, and her families birthdays and share her happiness with these important dates.

* Once a month, take her out to places you used to go to just like when you were first dating and chat about all the things that don't include your home life.

* Always try to impress her by looking your best. This shows you are not becoming complacent, even splash on her favourite after shave now and then.

If you are stuck for more ideas, go online and visit an online dating site or singles service. Why a singles location you ask? Online dating sites are all about connecting singles, building better relationships and often have some very helpful articles and member blogs to give you ideas you never would have thought of. Or check out some of the social forums and chat rooms to see what other couples and singles are doing to spice up their love lives.

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