Seducing and Dating Multiple Women Made Easy

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Dating multiple women involves a specific plan.  In this article, you’ll learn the secret for meeting, dating and seducing many different girls.

One night stands,Guest Posting they get to be more trouble than they're worth. You spend several hours and silly money chatting someone up, only to have her back out at the final moment. You head to bed with a girl, then find that she doesn't know what she's doing. Or you're just getting a little bit sick of spending every night on the prowl, and every day fending off your female colleagues' criticisms.

So... is it time to settle down? Find a steady girlfriend and pop a ring on her excitable finger?

Good grief, no!

But it might be time to start thinking about the benefits of regular dating.

Seeing the same girl semi-regularly has all sorts of plus points. Conversation stops being stilted, nights out become more varied, and you know that you're going to get frequent, high quality frolics in bed.

Seeing several girls semi-regularly can be even better. But only if you ensure that not one of the girls in question will raise objections.

Luckily for you, that's easier than it sounds.

Loads of girls like to keep things casual in the early days. For some of them, it better suits their hectic lifestyle. For others, it's self-protection or an attempt to impress. Whatever their reason, if you can find a girl who's happy to play along initially, all you then have to do is... not change anything.


In the early of days of even the most long term, monogamous relationship, there are no discussions about painful past romances. There is nothing but the vaguest talk of future hopes and dreams. There are certainly no tearful unburdenings about whatever may be upsetting, angering or irritating either of you on a daily basis. So, as your dating progresses, keep the conversations simple. Stick to lightweight topics and keep your phone and email communication strictly functional – confirming or arranging dates, but not indulging in chit-chat.

Avoid getting into a dating routine. Don't save Fridays for one girl, Saturdays for another. Mix things up a bit so that all encounters must be actively planned – never risk getting to the stage where she feels she doesn't need to phone ahead.

Keep the romantic venues to a minimum. Candlelit dinners and cuddling are the start of something serious, so stick to funny films, noisy clubs and impersonal, popular restaurants.

And if talk of romance does creep in, deal with it immediately. If a girl starts dropping commitment hints, make sure that you drop her. There may be tears and she may try to bargain, but the sooner you tell her you don't see a future together, the easier she'll find it to accept.

Ignore all the well-meaning queries from your relatives – if you're not into monogamy right now, there's not much point in pretending. And unless you've found that one perfect woman they tell you is out there, why settle yourself down with anyone else?

Approach multiple dating honestly and ethically, and everyone can enjoy it. Always be upfront with the girls: you're not looking for anything serious just now, but you'd love to enjoy their company. Accept that if you're not committed to them, they're not going to be faithful to you. And never overburden yourself – after all, this is supposed to fun, not fatiguing, so figure out how many dates you can realistically handle, and how many names you'll be able to keep track of, and then go forth and enjoy!

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