Three Types of Pick Up Lines Guaranteed to Get You No Where with Women

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The biggest reason why guys strike out with women is the use of bad pick up lines. The pick up line is the way you first get talking with a girl. Its purpose is to break the ice between you.

The right approach to get success as fast as possible is to find out what not to do first,Guest Posting and make real sure you aren't doing it.

You need to follow the same steps when you try to pick up girls. More often than not it is what guys are doing wrong far more than what they are not doing right that is making it difficult for them to become successful with women.

The biggest reason why guys strike out with women is the use of bad pick up lines. The pick up line is the way you first get talking with a girl. Its purpose is to break the ice between you (or in pick up artist terminology 'open her up to conversation'), so that you can start getting to know each other and hopefully escalate to sex and/ or a relationship.

If you don't get the pick up line right, you don't even get a chance to show your true colors. Never mind getting to all the good stuff afterwards. So it is the obvious place to start looking for problems first.

Aren't you sure if your pick up lines are any good ? This is how you can tell?

Did you know that 98% of pick up lines you hear from friends or get from the internet are BAD.

Just because it's immensely popular right now, it just isn't right. I have no idea why this phenomenon has taken place, I just put it down to the fact that most men and women actually know a lot less about meeting each other than they like to think.

Think about it? How much does a magazine writer know about picking up girls? Unfortunately they are often the ones given the job of coming up with some 'pick up lines' for the latest copy of FHM or Maxim or whatever.

Don't expect expertise from someone who is not an expert in the field. The result is that you are more than likely using bad pick up lines.

It's time to rethink your strategy.

How to Recognize Bad Pick Up Lines

You'll find it is very easy to identify a bad pick up line using these guidelines.

The levels of damage associated with these three commonly used bad pick up lines differ a little bit. These are rude pick up lines, dirty pick up lines and cheesy pick up lines.

Rude pick up lines are the most damaging so we'll start there.

Rude Pick Up Lines

Rude chat up lines contain some or all of the following elements: put downs, disrespect or demeaning name calling.

There is little to no humor involved, and often it accuses the girl of wanting to get sexual with the guy straight away. They are blunt.

By resorting to nasty pick up lines guys will often indicate that subconsciously they believe the woman they are approaching is superior to him and that she will probably reject them. He uses obnoxious lines to pick up girls as a way of keeping himself from getting shot down by them. His reason why the girl wouldn't talk to him was the line that he used.

'Avoidance' is the term most commonly used by psychologists to describe this. To prevent hurt, people make use of nasty pick up lines when initiating contact. Whilst using these lines will never let the guy get rejected, and thus hurt, it will never get him what he wants. To actually talk to the girl.

An example of a rude chat up line:

"Get your rat out baby. I know you are dying for it."
(Note for less informed readers: rat = vagina)

Dirty Pick Up Lines

Your next worst option is dirty pick up lines. The world wide web boasts an abundance of these. During previous occasions you may have come across them already. There is a large quantity of dirty pickup lines on websites all over the internet. I am certain that you have read one or more of them if you ever looked up a pickup line on the web.

Pick up lines with a sexual undertone contain implications that the girl you just met will do something sexual with you right away. This is why they are called 'nasty'.

Be mindful. These sentences usually contain humor or wit. Often this is a play on words. This makes them more dangerous to guys with less experience at pick up.

Whilst many guys can tell that a rude pick up line isn't that good, they can get tricked by the humor in a dirty pick up line into thinking it may be good.Girls that are willing to continue the conversation with you when you start out by talking nasty to them are few and far in between.

There is a rule to be learned here: Girls don't like to talk about sex immediately. They like things to be smooth and to happen naturally.

Talking about or bringing up the subject of sex right away (with a dirty pick up line) just gets her on the defensive and thinking of you as a 'horny dog'. In some cases and contexts she'll also get angry and attack you for being disrespectful.

This can potentially be even more embarrassing for you if other people notice or she makes a scene. If you are lucky and she's quite an open thinker she'll think it is an amusing line and not be angry, but that you are still a 'horny dog' to be careful around.

An example of a dirty pick up line:

"The word of the day is 'legs.' Let's go back to my place and spread the word."

Cheesy Pick Up Lines

The other type of bad pick up lines is cheesy pick up lines. They are not likely to get you closer to your objective, but on the other hand they won't get the girl angry at you either.

Cheesy pick up lines mostly involve sickeningly sweet or romantic, or childish plays on words. These lines are bad simply because the girl will wonder why you didn't have anything better to say. And in all likelihood she will be amused at how bad your pick up line was.

This can keep her in a good mood, but does not help you to appear attractive to the girl. As a result it backfires. She will not be interested in talking to you and will just turn her back on you after a quick laugh at your expense. She'll make an excuse within 5 minutes to leave in 90% of cases. Especially if she is an attractive girl.

An example of a cheesy pick up line:

"Life without you would be like a broken pencil...pointless."

Don't Stop Here - Get to Know the Enemies of Your Success Better

Put a few more minutes effort into understanding how to recognize bad pick up lines so that you ensure you never use them. Read some of the many examples of rude chat up lines and dirty pick up lines here. Look at these ten examples and make sure never to use them. You will always come up with the correct line.

But... remember: Do not use any of these lines to pick up women!

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