What Kind of Women Do Men Avoid?

Nov 2


Matt Fuller

Matt Fuller

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Better listen up ladies! The following tips are instrumental in stopping most men running for the hills! The verdict is in, our free dating sites opinion poll results have been published for your reading pleasure...


Any reputable relationships expert will tell you not to try and change someone's personality. Why? Simply because this is not possible in the long term. We also know that no person can be perfect all of the time,What Kind of Women Do Men Avoid? Articles and the following distinctive personality types demonstrate signals of an endless and hard road ahead.

When guys are searching for a woman to catch and keep they can sometimes become hesitant with certain personalities and behavior patterns.

Dating several people should be set about in a way whereby each date is evaluated on personal merits and strengths rather than categorized straightaway. Advancing on to a second or third date with someone will expose more of their genuine self. What warning signs do many men watch out for to determine if she is relationship material?

* The flirting philander.

Flirting is a natural progression that occurs at the start of just about any new romance. Flirting and teasing are part of the attraction process allowing us to appraise a person's sense of humor and sex appeal, and whether there is any chemical connection.

At the start of a new relationship, be wary if your lady flirts out of habit, can't help but touch other men and tosses her hair when talking to someone. If she is in constant need to have her ego topped up, a guy can't help but wonder how he is meant to get this same amount of attention and she will soon become old news pretty fast.

* Overnight commitment.

 On the first few dates when you're just starting to get to know someone, there are specific words you should never, ever use. Never talk about having children, meeting the family, or views on marriage. Discussing issues involving commitment too soon will kill the romance and portrays signs of insecurity.

* Cyber space deception.

If you're like many millions of singles who are taking their love hunt online, you will have probably experienced a disappointing date or two using online dating. After chatting with someone online for several weeks and building anticipation, lying about your appearance, age and lifestyle sets the scene for an awkward and embarrassing first date. If you're dating online do yourself and others a huge favor - just be yourself!

* Party Girls.

It's pretty normal for a man to be attracted to someone who's interesting and popular. However being involved with a socialite might be fun at first, but when her social life revolves around late night partying every weekend most men will give her a wide birth before long.

Someone whose entire life is scheduled around partying, drugs and alcohol signifies they are lacking underlying self inner peace of mind and requires perpetual hits of artificial happiness or good times. And what's this girl like to be with once the party is finished and reality kicks in?

Any successful relationship requires give and take, and someone that makes us smile and laugh well beyond the first few dates is a great sign that you're on to a good thing!

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