June 06, 2005 Articles

How To Choose the Right Hypnotherapist

Guidelines are offered here so you can select the hypnotherapist who has the most suitable background, training and experience to help you resolve your unique issues.

Ten easy steps to get the best out of your msn messenger

Now you can add your own emoticon to your messenger in ten easy steps. Please make sure that you have the latest updated version of MSN messenger. If you don’t have it you can download it at msn.com

Secret to Increase Traffic from Banner Exchanges

Use this simple strategy to get more traffic when using banner exchanges and learn what kind of programs you should join.

Should I Use Pop-Up Ads?

So many websites use pop-up windows as an advertising method. But, is it really good to use them?

When your child dies

Children are the most special part of life. Losing a child is something that few really understand. Even a brief life offers so much that is special. My Daughter Katie Lindsey Rose, died July 1992. She was just five weeks old. I held Katie after she died and can never, would never, forget Katie as a person or my daughter. I also found out how hard it is for so many to talk about the death of their child.

Find your poetry style

As a free verse poet I wanted to broaden my writing, so I decided to take a look at the different styles of poetry. There is a time in every artist life when we must develop new knowledge. Poetry is pretty diverse and there are many different styles and many different ways to teach those styles. So I mustered up the courage and I tried out different styles of poetry.

I've Learned

I just turned 36 and I have not had an easy life. But I have learned to accept the bad with the good. Your life can be changed in a matter of seconds. In 1992 I brought home a beautiful baby girl , five weeks later I was attending her funeral. My daughter Katie was taken from this earth before her life ever really began. Over the next few years I learned many hard lessons. The most important was that your life can change in a matter of hours.

Real Estate problem Solver

Article about solving problems in Real Estate

ETO ERP Leader Encompix Selected by Midwest Patterns

Midwest Patterns (www.midwestpatterns.com) officially became an Encompix customer this May. Midwest Patterns is based in Quincy, IL. The annual $10M (120 employee) firm is a pattern and mold maker specializing in products for the appliance and automotive market. Encompix Engineer-to-Order Enterprise Resource Planning was selected based on the deep understanding of the engineer to order manufacturing process and ability to support it with solutions. Encompix references played a big role in the selection process. The key stakeholders had conversations with Lakeland Mold and MSI Moldbuilders and both gave Encompix strong marks for support, follow up, and product development.

Manufacturing Sector Public Speaker TR Cutler is Ranked #1

Ranked as the nation’s leading manufacturing journalist and an editor, TR Cutler (www.trcutlerinc.com) is now booking 2006 speaking engagements for manufacturing conferences and corporations with manufacturing clients. Cutler tells the extraordinary stories of manufacturers. According to Cutler, “There are great companies making great products. There are too many manufacturers and companies serving the manufacturing sector that have simply neglected to tell their story. My goal is to tell these stories in an interesting, dynamic, understandable, and relevant way. My goal is to provide a checklist for manufacturers to determine what is and is not newsworthy.”

Why Read Inspirational Quotes?

Maybe you've heard this one: "What does it profit a man to have gained the whole world, and to have lost his soul?" - Jesus Christ

Rightly Divide The Word Of Truth

Have you ever noticed how prolific is the tendency to misinterpret God's word. If you watch very much religious programming on television, you will soon notice that some very basic scriptural truths are not being interpreted the same by everyone who clams to preach the Word of God. If you study the beliefs of the major denominations you will also see that there is not agreement as to the proper interpretation of essential scriptures dealing with salvation. How can this be if we serve the same God? How can this be if we read from the same Holy Scriptures?

The Story of One Soul...So Far...

O.K., I’ll admit it…he had me with title. Before I even cracked the cover of Matthew Lickona’s new book Swimming With Scapulars: True Confessions Of A Young Catholic (Loyola Press, April 2005, hardcover, 278 pages), I found myself intrigued. Gratefully, having now read and re-read the book in its entirety, I’ll say I was not disappointed. As a matter of fact, this book is among my favorites for the year – not because I agree 100% with everything Lickona writes in this memoir, but because of his stunningly gifted delivery and the honesty with which he shares his soul.

Dynamic Sales and Services (DSS)

DSS is an industry leading Human Resources Agency, providing Recruitment and Management services for corporations with Human Resource requirements from the Indian subcontinent. We specialize in providing personnel for Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Civil, Marine, Mechanical and Electrical construction sites. Beyond these industry areas, we also provide personnel for Hospitality and IT (Hardware / Software) verticals.

Swimsuit Critique

Facing the mirror in a swimsuit is as difficult as getting critism from someone else, a painful reminder of our flaws and imperfections. Hmm, why don't we look as good in that suit as the catalogue promised? It's the mirror's fault! We have an idea of what we look like and how we see ourself, but then the mirror confronts us with another truth ... and it's rather lumpy :-(