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I just turned 36 and  I have not had an easy life.  But I have learned to accept the bad with the good. Your life can be changed in a matter of seconds. In 1992  I brought home a beautiful baby girl , five weeks later I was attending her funeral.  My daughter Katie was taken from this earth before her life ever really began. Over the next few years I learned many hard lessons. The most important was that your life can change in a matter of hours.

Therefore   "Live each day as if it were your last." I know that this is an overused clich but it is true. You should try and live the most fulfilling life that you can and take chances. What is life without chances?  Many issues have came up over the last few years and  one thing I have  learned is that you should never miss a chance to tell people that you love them. They can be taken from you in a blink of an eye.  Don't put off until tomorrow what you  do today. Don't wait until you are standing at  the foot of  a grave to honor someone. Pick up the phone today and call them just to say,Guest Posting " I love you."

In life know who your good friends are and work hard at maintaining those  meaningful friendships. It is true what they say "keep your friends close but your enemies closer" Over the past year I learned that when the going gets tough your friends are the ones who get  going. They turn their back and walk away. What happen to  being there for someone in both good times and in bad?

I  asked a panel of  men , women and children between the ages of 11 and 60  to finish the following sentence. " I've learned..."

Lets look at what they've learned.

I’ve learned- that no matter how much you try to prepare yourself for the death of a loved one you are never truly prepared. Rose DesRochers Age 36

I've learned that I must follow my own heart. - Sally age 47

I have learned that whatever road of your life gets broken you can carry on, whatever bridge is shattered the river still flows, whatever dream is destroyed you can make a new one and as long as your children are ok nothing else really matters
Bryan age 46

I have learned in life is never give up on yourself in whatever you persue. Monica E age 43

I've learned that just because someone doesn't say the words, "I love you" doesn't mean that they don't. Susan C. Age 50

I've learned that The Wizard of Oz has a bit of truth to it. When you're lost and trying to find your way back to a familiar place, life can be quite strange and difficult. However, you learn things and meet people along the way. Though your road is hard to travel you must never give up. It is important to have your brain, your heart, and your courage along with faith to make it through this life. T.S. Wilkins age 20

I have learned that to win you must first lose, and that when you lose sometimes you win. George Platt Age 55

I've learned that talking back to my teacher only gets you in trouble J.DesRochers age 11

I have learned that although honesty can sometimes be the hardest option in the moment it is by far and away the easiest for the moment after and for the rest of your life. Steve age 46

I've learned When life is unbearable from grief or pain and I cannot feel God around me, that is when he is working the hardest. My favorite saying is by Corrie Ten Boom, an Auschwitz survivor, "No pit is so deep that God’s love is not deeper still."
God Bless, Merriam Burke age 55

I've learned how to believe in myself M.DesRochers age 15

I've learned  how to learn from past mistakes...always remember those mistakes and mishaps but never let those unpleasant events bother you. Strive to succeed in the present, plan for the future. Stay positive, and expect the unexpected! Gregory Christiano Age 58

I've learned that there is nothing in life more important than friends and family I have some great friends and they help make life better and of course I love my family they provide strength and love to me always Steve Reichard age 26

I've learned that everything is a miracle. All of us, every tree, every ant, every lake, cloud and star.... all are miracles. Jack age 19

I have learned that in the end it is just you that has to carry your own cross. Friend's, loved ones may be around make the going a little sweet however but you battle life by yourself and the true test of a human being is how successful he/she was in walking tall while carrying the cross. Alok Kumar Chaudhry age 42

I've learned that the old saying: 'You cannot teach an old dog new tricks' is not true. Vic age 56

Life has taught me that, sometimes, one must look deeper into people and see their true spirit, what drives them, and who they are, rather than just looking at the outside person. Many misjudgments have been made simply because one was too lazy, too blind, or did not care enough to find the truth or look into another's heart. Michelle Williams age 34

I have learned the importance of forgiveness because the past can affect your future if you let it. TBM age 22

I've learned to always be yourself  and don't let anyone change you. RP age 14

I’ve learned-That the world is more than houses, shops and highways. It is more than quarrels between nations, more than fights on the streets. It is a place of magic and wonder, where everyday people make it a beautiful place just by being true to themselves. It is a place where with eyes wide open to the magic, you can see a leaf dancing down the street in the arms of the wind. Elizabeth Clark age 42

I’ve learned that our life here on earth is just the "tip of the iceberg" to where we will spend eternity...and there is an ETERNITY. Each day we get up, we have a choice TO live life to the fullest as God wishes us to do, OR
to not live life to the fullest as Satan is glad when we take this route. I've learned that God can heal any hurt, loss, or frustation, IF we keep our eyes and focus on HIM. Life here on earth is a paint brush, not the masterpiece we'll view in eternity. It is our choice, eternal life or eternal strife. Artesia Meeks------- age 60, and still learning

I’ve learned that no matter how much you want to do something wrong, don't do it, because it will come back and slap you in the ass. Dezzy JK-age 18

I've learned that if we take the seemingly harsh things that happen to us and turn them around we can most always learn from them and become better individuals. In simple terms "When you get lemons, make lemonade!" Jan age 57

I've learned... That life smacks you in the face. And it will. So I in life I find that all things pass and with time... We heal. Be prepared. That life will happen. As it should. But it is the wearer of this fortune to carry their spirit well. Giving into it, all that life has to offer. Then give again. E_Writer  age 52

I've learned that no matter how much you worry, destiny is written. So why stress yourself out from things that one has no control over. Ana age 51

I've learned that no matter how much we may care about someone, we cannot expect them to care about us. Tamara S. age 36

I've learned trust is something that has to be earned and not to let anyone take advantage of you! Shawn DesRochers age  34

I've learned that what doesn't kill me, really does make me stronger. Mia Wright age 46

I've learned on top of the world, there is a summit only some of us can attain. A climb so high it's as if it's endless, a fight for the impossible. When you climb this mountain you don't know if you will be able to make it to the top, but you keep going, you keep pushing yourself. You fight until you cant fight anymore. Until your body gives way. If you fail, you know you gave it your all. But if you do make it to the top, you get that feeling that you are on top of the world, as if not one single soul can beat you. You have worked for that SINGLE MOMENT, where you are unbeatable, unbreakable. You live for that single moment to be on top of the world. Brenda Herzog age 50

Life is a hard lesson learn and it doesn't matter  what age we are we continue to learn and we pass those lessons learned on to others. Never think you know everything because each day brings us a news lesson in this circle of life and what doesn't kill us can only make us stronger.  We must deal with many hurts in our life , for there is nothing that can protect us from those hurts. But we can  take the bad in life and  let it teach us valuable lessons. I leave you with this. Think back through your life and I ask you , what have you learned? Then pass this on to someone you know, so they may look back on their life and think about what they have learned.

I've learned that everyday I'm still learning. Rose DesRochers age 36

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