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Nine Important Features of Fellowes Paper Cutters and Trimmers

If you are searching for the right paper cutter or trimmer for your home or office, you might have found that there are a surprising number of features to consider for such a seemingly simple tool. However, if you are looking to take your business to the next level, you know that producing your own documents such as reports, presentations, and proposals can give you the control and flexibility that you need. In this article, we will discuss and explain some of the features you might want to look for when choosing a Fellowes cutter or trimmer.

Start Your Basset Hound Training With Puppy Socialization

Socialization is important in molding your basset hound's characteristics. Learn more about puppy socialization...

How to Use Spiral Coil - A Quick Guide to Color Coil Binding

Spiral coil binding is one of the most simple, effective and useful of all the binding methods. A spiral-coil bound document opens flat, which is very handy for use in the copy machine, and the pages flip all the way around, for easy reading and handling. Here is a guide to get you started with the world of spiral binding.

How to Select a Paper Cutter Or Rotary Trimmer

Once your business has made the decision to begin producing its own documents, books, and presentations in-house, you'll need to start educating yourself on the various tools and supplies you will be needing purchase and to have on hand. One item that is crucial for project speed and flexibility is a paper cutter or trimmer.Cutting and trimming are major parts of the document-production process, and choosing the right cutter or trimmer for your business can mean the difference between meeting your deadlines with professional-looking presentations, reports, and proposals, or falling behind schedule.

How to Clear a Paper Shredder Jam

Even if you have the best paper shredder money can buy, chances are you'll one day have to deal with a paper shredder jam. While proper shredder maintenance (including oiling the machine) can decrease the likelihood of a jam, you will still probably experience a jam at some point.This article will explain how to clear a paper shredder jam, as well as give you some tips on how to prevent jams from happening in the first place.

How to Bind Documents With the Fastback System

There are few, if any, more polished and professional looking documents than those created with Powis Parker's Fastback System. Of all of Parker's, machines, the most commonly used Fastback machine on the market is the FB15xs. Here is a short guide in the use of the FB15xs.

Choosing a Paper Shredder

Identity theft is on everybody's minds these days and one of the best ways to protect yourself from being a victim of this crime is by using a paper shredder. These are all important questions, so read on to find out what type of shredder will be the best choice for you.

Hot Or Cold Lamination? Helping You Choose

When you've begun searching for a laminating system for your home, school, or office, there are literally hundreds of brands, models, and types to consider. One of the most basic choices you will have to make when choosing your laminating machine, however, also happens to be one of the most important: will you be using hot or cold lamination? Here are a few things you will need to consider when making your choice.

Safety trainings: A new Approach

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Help! My Fellowes Paper Shredder Won't Shut Off!

So, you're having a weird problem with your paper shredder. Namely, your machine has an automatic stop/start feature and after you shred something, the unit won't shut off.Should you return the shredder? Is there something really wrong with it?

GBC Shredmaster CC175 Cross-Cut Personal Shredder Review

If you're looking for a powerful paper shredder that offers a high degree of document security, consider the GBC Shredmaster CC175 cross-cut shredder.The Shredmaster CC175 retails for less than $200, but offers some great features for the price, so read on to find out how this GBC paper shredder can benefit your home or office.

Reviewing the GBC HeatSeal H210 9.5

The H210 is a terrific machine that's ideal for the home or small office user who's looking to laminate letters, legal documents, photos, and other items up to 8.5" wide.And best of all, it's very reasonably priced, making this a fantastic choice for users who are on a budget.

Why Your Ex Refuses to Take You Back - Get Back Together After a Break Up

One of the most frustrating things you can go through after a break up is having your ex refuse to talk to you and tell you that you there is no chance to get back together with one another. Your head is probably spinning wondering why your ex refuses to take you back, lets turn things around.

Why Your Ex Won't Return Your Calls - How to Make Your Ex Call You Back

If you are struggling to accept your break up and want nothing more than to keep your ex in your life it's time to tread carefully and avoid becoming the ex that is banished to the land of nothingness. If have become a desperate ex constantly trying to speak to your ex it's time to quit before you do further damage.

Why Your Ex Won't Take You Back - Tips to Get Back Together After a Break Up

There are many reasons why your ex wont take you back but one of the most common causes for an ex's refusal to talk to you and reconsider a break up is the lack of understanding on your part.