Why Your Ex Won't Return Your Calls - How to Make Your Ex Call You Back

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If you are struggling to accept your break up and want nothing more than to keep your ex in your life it's time to tread carefully and avoid becoming the ex that is banished to the land of nothingness. If have become a desperate ex constantly trying to speak to your ex it's time to quit before you do further damage.

Why Your Ex Won't Return Your Calls? Answer: Your ex won't return your calls because they are concerned that you are not accepting the fact that your relationship is over,Guest Posting putting pressure on them toget back together or morphing into a stalker.

Almost no break up is ever final and what separates the couples that fail to get back together and those that do is post break up behavior. Nothing will ruin your chances to get back with your ex fast than a clingy, desperate ex that refuses to accept the break up and give them space.

Don't become an ex that is constantly calling, messaging, emailing and following the whereabouts of a former partner. It's time to start thinking rationally, do you honestly think this will win your ex back, or push them further away?

Best way to make your ex call you back is to give them some space, time and resist getting in contact with them, regardless of how much you may want to hear their voice or speak to them. Don't worry that you will lose them forever if you stop calling them and stop worrying why your ex won't return your calls.

As some time passes, get the word out to your ex through mutual friends or in a letter about how great life is and how much you are enjoying yourself and you have something to thank them for. Leave it at that. Your ex will be curious as to why you suddenly happy and are no trying to contact them. They may wonder if you have met someone else.

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