Grow Your Business with Postcard Printing

Jun 27


john metthew

john metthew

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Postcard printing services can be a creative and an effective way to increase your incoming business. Many different types of businesses utilize postcard printing services to contact potential customers and communicate with existing clientele.


Non-profit organizations are a good example of a business that prints and mails thousands of postcards to increase their donor contribution and advertise for upcoming charitable events. Oversized postcards which are typically 6x11 can stand out in stack of mail and be noticed easily by the recipient. Religious organizations also use high volume postcard printing to advertise upcoming books,Grow Your Business with Postcard Printing Articles CD’s and conventions. They can also use oversized postcards that are printed on a thick glossy paper, full color both front and back sides, and are filled with lots of graphics and text details. There are many different types of professionals who use postcard printing services on a weekly basis. Dentist and chiropractors will print and mail a regular sized 4 x 6 inch postcard, usually color graphics and text on front side and black & white on address side. Postcards are also a fun and easy way to keep your customers aware of any recent changes to services, or introduce new products and services. Veterinarians print and mail postcards to inform a pet owner about their pets’ upcoming vaccinations, free clinics and seminars.

These are just a few examples of companies who use postcard printing and mailing services on a regular basis.

Postcards are also used by companies to promote products, services or upcoming events such as concerts, boxing matches and theater performances. Individuals may personally distribute the postcards by handing them out or placing them in windows or on countertops to be easily seen and taken.

Postcard printing services are available through local print shops or can easily be found online. Postcards can be designed at home or by a skilled graphic designer. Postcards are inexpensive, fun and easy to design. Many online printing companies offer free postcard templates for use in designing your very own personalized postcard. The least expensive way to print postcards is on an offset press which is available through most print shops vs. Digital printing.

Postcards can be mailed first class or bulk rate. Most cards are mailed at a bulk rate since it is less expensive for postage, but be aware of mailing time sensitive material using bulk postage as the delivery time can range from one to three weeks.