'Techy' Consumer Creates Challenges For Marketers

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In today's world of technology consumers can socialize, network, find information, and make purchases however and whenever they want. They are also in total control over the information they want to receive which has created a challenge for the Marketer to get their message read. The consumer can turn their spam filter to high, fast forward through commercials on their recorded TV shows or delete messages without even looking at them.

Technology has created a wide array of possibilities for consumers
to socialize,Guest Posting network, buy, get information etc. etc. Since these
consumers are in total control over the information they receive
this same technology has made it more difficult for the Marketer to
get their message read by their targeted audience. The consumer
will delete the message, turn their spam filter on high, use caller
I.D. to screen calls and use fast forwarding through the
commercials of their recorded shows.

This new 'techy' consumer has created a unique challenge for
businesses to develop successful marketing programs that speak
to the right audience, at the right time, and through the
appropriate media. Using the Internet for marketing has opened
up new ways to communicate with your audience but using it
exclusively is not the answer to a successful marketing campaign.

The possibilities surrounding the dawn of online marketing does
not mean that print is dead. The tools used by the new techy
consumer is not used by every consumer. Print's history of success
can not be forgotten. Current research and statistics show that
direct mail marketing is still effective and remains a very effective
marketing tool.

According to the Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) 2006
Statistical Fact Book, direct mail marketing is the medium used by
most Marketers. According to the DMA, in 2005 more than $54
billion was spent on direct mail advertising. That is almost three
times the number that will be spent on online advertising in 2010.

Here are some compelling reasons to use direct mail vs. online:

1.) There are many consumers who do not have a computer and/or
have regular access to e-mail and remain unsure and don't trust
what is on the Internet.
1a.) Everybody does, however, have a mailbox. Although there is a
fair share of junk mail received everyday your piece has a chance
to be seen and read. Your challenge is to make it stand out and
interesting enough to be kept and looked at instead of being
thrown in the 'recycle bin' on the way into the house.

2.) Complaints associated with the Internet include downloading
software, receiving unwanted ads and/or pop-up ads, requesting
upfront personal information before you receive what your
wanting, issues dealing with privacy, and the potential of fraud.
2a.) The consumer who receives a direct mail marketing piece has
the deciding power if they want to do business with you.

3.) Email spam filters keep marketing messages from reaching a
target audience, unless the individual is already on one of your
lists, so marketers can't assume that an e-mail is actually
3a.) With direct mail, you know that each piece is delivered with
the opportunity to be read.

4.) Email lists do not necessarily enable the Marketer to send out a
broadcast message that reaches their target audience. Reaching
their target audience, especially their 'niche market' remains a
4a.) Direct mail lists provide Marketers the opportunity to drill down
for information based on customer characteristics and a wide
range of available demographic filters such as gender, age,
income, ethnicity and lifestyle data. When these targeted lists are
used Marketers isolate their specific audience and send them
offers that they really need.

5.) Offers are hard to incorporate online since everyone expects to
receive a reduced price, free information, and a money-back
guarantee anyways.
5a.) Free trials or samples, coupons, and a good call to action is
easier to access when they come through the mail.

6.) Internet Surfers must bookmark you or may only visit your site
for a short period of time or only once.
6a) Direct mail gives the recipient a hard copy that can be filed,
reviewed at a later date and shared with
friends and associates.

Mail plays a vital role with today's consumers. Its primary function
is to help with three household-related jobs - browsing for new
consumption, managing the home and overseeing finances. By
making your mail fit more naturally into these jobs - and providing
the emotional satisfaction people desire from their mail - you can
reach your target on a richer, deeper, more meaningful level.

According to research done by the United States Postal Service:

Research shows that most recipients believe that direct mail is the
most convenient method for staying informed of goods and
services to help manage their home or business.

Research also revealed that the two mediums work together, with
consumers using mail catalogs to assist with online shopping.
Typically, people are more "Web active" when they receive a

-They made 16% more site visits.
-They viewed 22% more pages.
-They spent 15% more time at the site.*

To further increase direct marketing's effectiveness, marketers
should consider postcard campaigns. DMA's 2006 results prove
that postcard are read more, because they provide a 'quick read'
and the greatest ROI. In fact, their response rates are higher than
newspapers, catalogs, radio and e-mail.

Postcards ROI is higher by saving Marketers money and time.
-Postage generally runs about 40% of the total expense
associated with sending out a direct mail piece so the reduced cost
of postage for postcards creates a great option,
-A printing company that offers a full-service option helps avoid
shipping charges, deletes the need for mail houses, and gets the
lowest postage rates possible.

Know that there are advantages to the Internet and a direct mail
marketing campaign. The Marketing plan must understand where
their customers are, how to reach them, and what message to
send via each medium. Using both mediums to compliment each
other will get your message read by a wider range of your target

*U.S.P.S. The Role of Mail

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