Monetizing your email list: 22 tips from the pros

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The attention of your email subscribers is worth more money than it is making you right now. Just like your website, your newsletter is a platform where you connect with your audience and just like your website, a newsletter has monetization potential.

I’m not saying that you should turn your newsletter into the main source of revenue but diversification is key and it never hurts to have another source of income.

Honestly,Guest Posting another article about how ad blockers will be the doom of quality content online might make me gag. Sometimes it seems there are more doomsayers than there are viewable and relevant ads around.


Ad blockers and other issues turn display ads into a tricky business when it comes to your website or blog. Between AdSense optimization and selling your premium ad space? You may have neglected to take full advantage of a resource you’ve had all along. Your opt-in newsletter can (and might) be your main source of revenue. Don’t believe me? Read on.


It seems many content creators miss the fact that their email list in an extension of their audience. The loyal audience that entrusted you with their email addresses might not visit your website often enough, but everyone always remembers to check their email. I know I do. So that’s where you should be, showing your followers relevant ads and content to maximize your revenues. And you wouldn’t be the first to do it. In fact, almost two thirds of B2B and close to half of B2C media companies rely on email banner ads and newsletter sponsorship for monetization.


Diversifying the revenue stream from your content is crucial, but you already know that. Email lists and newsletters are some of the most useful tools in your monetization tactics belt. And you shouldn’t ignore them. You may already be monetizing your opt-in email list (smart thinking!). Or you could be scratching your head now, wondering why you haven’t yet. In either case, I have a few tips to get you ahead of the game.


Tip 1: Sponsored content & native ads

Content advertising and native ads are all the Buzz in the Feed. But be selective in your choice of partners and sponsors in your newsletters. As selective as you are when choosing them for your website.


Tip 2: List sharing (co-listing) is caring

Your email database is an asset. Sometimes it’s worth sharing assets with the right people. For example, the mailing list of a gaming blog can be a great target for comic-book related content. And vice-versa. So by trading or sharing opt-in newsletter subscriber lists, both sides expand their audience.


Tip 3: Link smart

You don’t want to over-egg your newsletter pudding with too many links. So when linking to content or specific sponsors? Be sure to send your audience to the highest revenue pages or advertisers.


Tip 4: Promote premium content

If you don’t yet have a course, podcast or webinar to offer you premium subscribers - launch one. And what better place to promote your special new content than your newsletter?

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