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Best 2012 article is of survival for 2012 and many more.The time is now to prepare to survive 2012 mega disasters!

Best 2012 article is of survival for 2012 and many more.The time is now to prepare.Prepare for the worst and plan for the best.It reveals many hot tips and guides for the sake of all.First Aid Training:Probably the best training to get under your belt before a natural disaster is in first aid and traditional medicine.Nearly all community colleges and adult education programs offer low-cost courses in CPR/first aid and many have separate Paramedics divisions that teach courses in advanced techniques.Local chapters of the American Red Cross sponsor a variety of first aid classes but spend an inordinate amount of time on CPR.Other first aid techniques are equally critical to learn,Guest Postingso if you can meet the prerequisites for paramedics courses,take those instead.(You may find that the wilderness first aid course has no prerequisites.)Another way to get comprehensive training is to volunteer.First Aid Kit:In addition to a compact first aid manual and waterproof case,example list of items of supplies to assemble are as follow: aspirin/ibuprofen,antibiotic or Golden Seal,Benadryl,Iodine tincture,snake bite extractor,protective gloves,scissors,sanitary napkins and many more.Apart from that,sometimes,it involves pulling a victim from water or other hard-to-access locations.So,training in wilderness paramedics includes use of rope and webbing,carabiners and other climbing equipment are very crucial.Surviving 2012 cataclysm- mountains as a survival place.On the subject of how to survive 2012,in one of his books,researcher and author Patrick Geryl made a study of the best survival places in the world.Mountains are a potential place to be and thus an option to survive the cataclysm in 2012 but there are important conditions to take into account:If you have decided on moving into the mountains in order to survive a catastrophic event like a polarshift,it is of the utmost importance that you choose a mountain that will remain stable.In case the mountain should sink into the ocean,the water,with its treacherous and unpredictable currents,will sweep you away without mercy.Should the mountain rise,water will be of little concern to you.However,there are other dangers to be aware of such as rockslides and a phenomenon resulting in huge,deep mounds of small rocks given to slippage.In his book;How to survive 2012;Patrick Geryl makes and attempt to answer a very difficult question:If a mountain is going to move,is it possible to predict if it will rise or sink?In The Path of the Pole,Professor Charles Hapgood makes some very interesting remarks concerning the subject of geological redistribution.According to him,it is indeed possible to calculate the probable movements of a mountain.He tells us that,when the entire crust of the earth shifts,diametric opposite points on the planet will be moved toward the equator and others, toward the poles.To appreciate this description you will need to have a look at a globe.When you examine a globe closely,you will find that there is a small bulge along the line that represents the equator.This bulge shows how pressure on the poles,caused by the rotation speed of the earth,pushes the Northern and Southern Hemispheres together.During a massive polar shift,the area of the crust lying over the equator must shift with everything else.For this to happen there needs to be enough force to be able to push the rigid crust that lies beneath the continents over the actual bulge at the equator.The portion of the crust that gets pushed over the equator will be forced to stretch and the area of the crust that gets shifted toward the poles will therefore undergo compression.Which Continents are going to Shift with the events in 2012?It is important to know in which direction the earth's crust is going to shift if you are to predict what areas will be affected when the lithosphere begins to expand and shrink.Europe,Asia and Africa are locked together and therefore comprise a much larger landmass than the Americas combined.Due to the physical laws of inertia and friction,it is a fairly safe bet that the continents with the least amount of mass will be propelled the farthest when the force of the polar shift is upon them.Therefore because they have the least amount of mass,the continents of North America and South America will be shifted the farthest away from their original locations during the cataclysm.This leads to conclude that the risks will be on average higher in the Americas than they will be on the European-African-Asian continent.But there are many more factors to take into account.Imagine all these landmasses move and destroying nuclear plants for example.That brings another extra important element in the mix and to put in your calculations where(not) to be!But even regular cities could mean trouble because of the massive devastation.There will not be one building standing after the violence of such moving land has passed.Finding a safe location is of utmost importance and educating yourself about this and related topics will be vital if you would like to survive what is upon us in 2012! Should we fear 2012?Maybe but we should always be prepared for a disaster and any emergency.What is obviously very interesting are the numbers.There has been an increase in earthquakes in the last decade which is predicted to continue to increase.If disaster strikes,really doubt it will be the end.It will be difficult but if we start fighting each other for selfish needs in times of crisis,everyone surely suffer.In crisis,band together and unite skills and resources so everyone succeeds and has a chance. If communication blackouts do happen,reestablish communication by any means as fast as possible and avoid violence,vote a leader to guide group survival and reconstruction and protect yourself against those who think of only themselves.Apart from that,next,the safe zones on our planet during the Polar Shift at month December 2012 that we are going to look is of United States of America.The mountains on the West Coast of the US in general will be hot and rugged,with much upheaval,during the shift.The Sierras have been created because of subduction of Pacific plates under the lighter land mass and these matters are never a gentle process.Snapping and bouncing rock stratas react to sudden release of pressure can be expected all along the Sierras.The mountains and valleys have been formed because of crumpling, horizontal pressure, and so forth.The US will undergo the biggest shift,caused phenomenal earthquakes and volcanic outbursts.At last,it is possible to survive if you stay at least 100 kilometers away from volcanoes at an altitude at least 3,000 meters.For more information,visit website:Survival for 2012  or  2012 survival guide link:

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