New book reveals dark secrets of Japanese love life

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Japanese culture and lifestyle have mystified the west for centuries. But there is more to Japan and its love affairs. Find out more here.


However a new book recently revealed some of the dark secrets of Japanese love and sexuality.Even though the book is a romance novel it has many hard facts and cites surveys and reports conducted by the Japanese government that are not well known in the western world.While many Japanese romance books are actually fictional or simply talk about romance as it was seen hundreds of years ago,Guest Posting this new book actually takes a look at those topics in a more modern and realistic context.According to one report conducted in 2006 by the government found that around 50% of Japanese men and women do not have any sort of relations with the opposite gender, many of them do not even have friends of the opposite sex.A large number of them have to pay for their first sexual experience and this is not something that is viewed as evil or taboo in Japanese society.The most shocking fact was that many of these men and women remained virgins even into their 30s.The book depicts the Japanese government as a force that controls the actions and love life of its citizens, in an indirect way.It also shows that many people focus their efforts on academic, financial and business objectives, while anything that is related to romance and love is seen as less important than being well educated or holding a respectable job.In the book Lovesick Japan, the judges see love as an overwhelming, disorienting force to which people unwittingly cede self-control.Japanese law as well as judges have a common view that physical and emotional intimacy including affection in friendly relationships are largely absent between the genders, even if they are married.Japanese marriages are said to be similar to relationships portrayed in Erotic Books; lots of sex and hardly any emotional feelings.Its like a partnership with mutual benefits for co-existing in a changing lifestyle.The book views marriage as unnecessary, loveless and soley based on sex.Although this novel is fictitious it does throw some light on the Japanese laws, policies and the local lifestyle.Finding a western style love story in Japan is like a fantasy.Perhaps the Japanese view on love and romances is just a new experience for many of us who dont know much about Asian romance stories and traditions? This book does give readers a glimpse into how relationships, love and sex are viewed in Japanese societyScience Articles, which is something that is unknown to many Westerners who have not spent a significant amount of time living in Japan or studying Japanese culture and society.

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