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Jim Edwards is the author and ... of several ... two wildly ... ... "How to Writeand Publish your own ... as little as 7 Days" withJoe Vitale ...

Jim Edwards is the author and co-author of several ebooks,Guest Posting
including two wildly successful best-sellers: "How to Write
and Publish your own as little as 7 Days" with
Joe Vitale
and "33 Days to Online Profits" with Yanik Silver

Jim specializes in creating software tools, ebooks and info
products people can use immediately to improve their lives
and businesses online. A prolific writer, Jim also writes a
weekly syndicated newspaper column "The Net Reporter" where he reports on
Internet tips, tricks and technology issues for non-technical

Nickname: Jim

Age: 34

Present Residence: Williamsburg, VA

Name Of College: College Of William and Mary

First Full/Part-time Job: Domino's Pizza delivery driver

Marital Status: married

Number Of Children: 2

Number Of Pet(s): 4

Pet Type(s)/Name(s): Taffy - Chihuahua, Daisy - Terrier,
Dinky - Chihuahua, Dutchess - Pomeranian "It takes a real
man to love small dogs!"

Computer: Sony Vaio Digital Studio and Sony Vaio

Years In Business: since 1997

No.1 Marketing Strategy: Provide massive value - over-
deliver on every promise!

Most Prized Possession: the knowledge I have learned /
gathered over the years

Indoor Hobbies/Interests/Activities: Video game junkie -
"Half Life" "Counter Strike"

Outdoor Hobbies/Interests/Activities: walking

Favorite Software/Video Game: "Tomb Raider I, II, IV"

Favorite TV Show(s): "Crocodile Hunter"

Favorite Movie(s): "Saving Private Ryan"; "Platoon"; "The
Nutty Professor - Klumps"; All the Indiana Jones movies

Favorite Book(s): "Starship Troopers"

Favorite Food(s): anything Mexican

Favorite Beverage(s): O'Douls

Favorite Actor(s)/Actress(s): Harrison Ford

Favorite Music Artist(s)/Group(s): U2; Willie Nelson;
Gregorian Chants; Bob Marley

Favorite Sport Athlete(s)/Team(s): Dan Marino / Miami

Favorite Color(s): blue

Favorite Place(s) To Visit: Mexico / Bahamas

Your Dream Possession/Vacation: My own carribbean

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