7 Reasons To Use A Gym Ball In Your Fitness Workout

Jul 25


wani hh nim

wani hh nim

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The gym ball is also known as the medicine ball. The gym ball is one of the effective gym fitness accessories to prevent from the back pain, 7 Reasons To Use A Gym Ball In Your Fitness Workout Articles lower back as well. Using gm ball, it helps to maintain body postures and strengthen your back muscles also. It can be used for not only muscles stretching but also full-body stretching.


Here are some reasons to use a gym ball:

1. Gym ball slims your legs and maintains your body figure.

By sitting on the gym ball and try to control your weight balance. By doing this, it contracts with the muscles and cells of the knee, hips and ankles. You should do ball exercise for at least 15 minutes every day.

2. Improves the body postures

If you are not sitting straight, then the gym ball is an effective way to get back straight. It improves your body postures and protects from ache and pain.

3. Improve your balance

It helps to build good balance not only physically but also mentally.

4. Makes tummy flat

The gym ball helps to burn the fats on the belly. .It is also effective and strengthening your abs muscles.

5. Improve your flexibility

Adding the gym ball in your routine workout can improve your flexibility. If you have a busy schedule, then you can use a ball only for warm-up and stretch.



Gym Ball 55cm

Product Code: 28026

Brand: Cosco

To improve reactions and engage core muscles while burning calories. It is durable and long-lasting.

Warranty: 2 year


Gym Ball 65cm

Product Code: 28024

Brand: Cosco

If you have back pain, these balls very useful. As it supports your lower back pain.


Gym Ball 85cm

Product Code: 28008

Brand: Cosco

These gym balls are lightweight and it is an effective way to up your heart rate. You can easily balance in less amount of time to boost your burn fats in a cardio workout.

Gym Ball 75cm

Product Code: 28005

Brand: Cosco

Cosco ball is very sleek and stylish. It is lightweight and portable. It provides instability while performing core exercises, thus helps you burn extra calories.


Gym Ball 95cm

Product Code: 28006

Brand: Cosco

The surface of the ball has a texture used for gripping and help to control it. With six different weights available, you can buy the one that fits your need. 


Medicine Ball Gym Ball

Product Code: Medicine Ball

Brand: Bosu

Get this Medicine Ball to do several workouts from the comfort of your home. This cap medicine ball is one of the important training tools used in most gyms for toning, weight training, abs workouts, and other exercises.


Bosu Ball 65cm

Product Code: Bosu Ball 65cm

Brand: Bosu

Bosu ball is a very simple and innovative design. It is made up of a soft inflatable hemisphere with a flat plastic card base. Thus you can add variations to your regular exercises and get the max from your training. 


Bosu Ball with DVD

Product Code: Bosu Ball with DVD

Brand: Bosu

These features add more tension and instability to your exercise routine. Thus you can add variations to your regular exercises and get the max from your training.


55 cm Bosu Sport

Product Code: 55 cm Bosu Sport

Brand: Bosu

Durable Anti-Burst Material

Textured, slip-free surface


Medicine Ball Reactor

Product Code: Medicine Ball Reactor

Brand: Bosu

Product Details

The Medicine Ball Reactor is the perfect and effective for speed, power, balance and fun also.


Speed Ball Gym Ball

Product Code: Speed Ball

Brand: Bosu

Product Details

This durable Speed Ball is perfectly shaped to produce accurate rebounds making it perfect for training. Used for Boxing Practice.


Oval Anti Burst Gym Ball

Product Code: Oval Anti Burst Gym Ball

Brand: Bosu

Product Details

Made from the same extra durable vinyl material as our Anti-Burst Slow Leak Fitness Balls, these balls offer great support and less movement for all types of exercises. Choose from two different sizes.