Beginners’ Guide to On-site Ecommerce SEO

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To increase the traffic to your site and boost up your profits, the crucial first step you must take as an ecommerce business is on-page SEO.

Though there are plenty of article available online regarding onsite SEO tutorials and advices,Guest Posting very few provide specific solutions to ecommerce businesses. Here are the basic onsite Ecommerce SEO tips you must know. To achieve your SEO goals, contract the right Ecommerce SEO Company that can deliver measurable and enduring results.

Research the competitors
This is the point where you must start your onsite ecommerce SEO mission. Especially larger competitors in your industry domain have already put in the best of their efforts for optimizing their websites. By visiting their site you can discover several secrets that will benefit you. Analyse the keywords on their homepage and product pages. Make use of the Moz browser extension to check the SEO title and description used by your competitors in their title tags. Sem-rush can also help in identifying the keywords your competitors are ranking for in paid as well as organic search results.

Homepage SEO
Homepage is your website’s top page to optimize and hence you will have to focus first on Homepage SEO. The aspects to focus while optimizing your homepage include homepage title tag, home page Meta description and homepage content. Remember that the homepage content must be good enough to clearly inform the visitors about your products and offerings.

Site Architecture
While adding products and categories to your online store, you must never forget that the site architecture plays a crucial role in search engine optimization. Especially you need to have a distinctive hierarchy of navigation leading from the homepage to the product categories and the products listed under them. The internal linking structure must be clear for the search engine bots to be able to discover your pages. The rule of the thumb is that a customer must be able to land on any product listed within three clicks.

Product Page Optimization
Being the backbone of your business, product pages need a lot of focus. Work on some crucial aspects of the product page including product name, keyword-in-title and product description. The name of your product is used in the SEO title and URL of the product page. Hence adding a common search term will be of great use in furthering SEO initiatives. Make sure the keyword also figures out in the SEO title and page URL. While having a long product description, make the first sentence the main summary or selling point in order for the search engines and social networks to display the most crucial information about the product.

Image Optimization
Images are a very important part of the product page. Perceive them from your customers’’ point of view and you will discover that those products accompanying quality images from various angles will sell more than those that have no images or have poor quality images. Know that images are also important for search engine optimization. While naming the images, use product names and main keywords. You also need pay attention to other aspects of SEO like videos, reviews and FAQs.

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