Choosing Right Ceiling Fan for Your Room

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With affordable cost of split and window air conditioner, cooling your room no longer depends on ceiling fan. 

With affordable cost of split and window air conditioner,Guest Posting cooling your room no longer depends on ceiling fan. Is it so? Then why the companies are coming up with lucrative and advanced designs? With 120 years of history, fans are going through revolutionary changes and now those have become technologically advanced to. Now you can control a fan with remote control. But, there is something you need to know before buying fans

Where to Install – 

This is the most important question comes in your mind. If you consult any interior decorator, he will suggest placing it at the central of your room to have even air flow. If your room is larger, you may need two fans.

Consider the Ceiling Height- 

While installing a ceiling fan; you need to check out the height of your ceiling. Usually, from floor to fan blades, the ideal height is almost 8 feet. There are multi mounting options available according to your ceiling height-

  • Flush Mount- If you have low ceiling, you don’t need any extra attachments to mount the fan. These fans can be mounted flush to the ceiling.
  • Downrod Mount- This is designed for high ceiling room, more than 8 feet. In this case, you should buy a fan with downrod. If the downrod, comes with the packaging is not enough long, you have to buy according to your need.

Consider the Room Size- 

It is very necessary to mount fan according to your room size. Otherwise, it will not circulate air well throughout the room. Ceiling fans are available in 5 sizes- 24”, 36”, 42”, 48” and 52”. Check out which size is needed for which room-

  • 24”-36” fans are appropriate for an 8’*10’ rooms. It can be a small bedroom or smaller kitchen.
  • For a medium size room of 12’*12*, you need 42”-48” fan. You can mount it in your balcony or medium kitchen or small drawing rooms.
  • 52” fans are for large bedrooms or dining areas. A room of 18”*20” should have large fans.

Check out the Blades- 

Many people believe that more blades mean more air circulation. This is not true. A 4-blade fan circulates the same amount of air like a 3-blade fan. While buying a ceiling fan, you should check out the designs that go with the interior decoration of your house. You can choose reversible blade or helicopter style with 9-blades.

Some Basic Tips

  1. Always consult an electrician to get idea whether the ceiling can take the extra load.
  2. Buy a ceiling fan that won’t reduce the humidity from the air.
  3. Always look for the Energy Star label. It indicates 20% more efficient air movement than other fans.
  4. If you want warm air at winter, buy a fan which runs anticlockwise. It should run clockwise at summer for cool air.
  5. You should keep it clean. Take a soft and moist cloth and wipe the dust from the fan. Don’t use detergent as that will remove the glossy outlook of the fans.

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