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Fun Fact:  The first ceiling fans appeared in the 1860’s and 1870’s,Guest Posting in the United States.  They were powered by running water in conjunction with a turbine, to drive a system of belts which would turn the blades of two-blade fan units.  Some of these systems still exist and can be seen in parts of the southern United States where they originated.*http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceiling_fan

Today, most ceiling fans rely on electrically-powered motors that are durable, energy-efficient and engineered to provide a life-time of comfort and healthful benefits. Moreover, ceiling fans and fan light fixtures have become an integral feature in creating the perfect home environment with their cost-saving functions and stylized beauty.

In honor of Father’s Day, Capitol Lighting is providing even more reason to invest in ceiling fans and ceiling fan kits with promotional values on the best from Monte Carlo Fan Company.   Take advantage of on-line and in-store savings available this week. 

Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom to view a tremendous selection of top quality ceiling fans.  Lighting professionals will help you invest wisely and customize the right design for your home.

Capitol-wise Fan-buying Tips…

  • Size Matters:  For maximum efficiency choose 50- to 56-inch ceiling fans for rooms up to 225 square feet and larger;   36-to 44-inch fans for medium sized rooms up to 144 square feet; and  29-to 32-inch fans for smaller rooms up to 75 square feet.
  • Get the Height Right:  Install ceiling fans higher than 7 feet above the floor in the center of the room for maximum comfort, safety and aesthetics. Optimal placement would be either 8 or 9 feet above the floor.
  • Blades of Satisfaction:  Fan blades determine the amount of air being circulated throughout the room. The ceiling fan blade brackets should be positioned to hold the blade at a 12-15 degree angle and be weighted and matched as a balanced set to avoid having your fan wobble. The greater the angle of the blade, the more air circulation. A ceiling fan with less than a 12 degree angle will not circulate air as well and be less efficient. Blades should be composed of wood or acrylic and be sealed and treated to resist humidity.
  • Know your Motor:  The heart of every ceiling fan is the motor. The motor is responsible for producing quiet operation while driving the blades for air movement. Look for high-quality motors with heavy-duty windings and sealed bearings that are permanently lubricated.  Top quality motors are designed to work flawlessly for long periods of time and some are guaranteed to last for the life-time of your fan.
  • A Strong Finish:  A high quality finish will resist against blistering, tarnishing, fading and corrosion. Less advanced finishes on fan blades may peel, bubble and corrode quickly.
  • Be Wary of Warranties:  Buy from reputable dealers who stand behind the quality of their merchandise.  Fan motors and parts should be guaranteed for at least three years.  Top quality fan motors may include a lifetime warranty.
  • Light it Up: Choose light kits to complement room décor and add the finishing touch. Capitol Lighting offers a vast selection of lighting and fan light fixtures.   Opal, marble, crystal, painted glass and hand blown glass may be added to a fitter or fixture shade for a unique, stylized design.
  • Invest in Quality Control:  Portable hand-held controls or sophisticated wall control systems provide excellent versatility and convenience. Control systems may offer up to six fan speeds (in either the forward or reverse direction) and full range light dimming for the highest degree of comfort and ambience.

A few more reasons to take advantage of Father’s Day savings and the greatest selection of ceiling fans and accessories at Capitol Lighting:

  • In the last 10 years ceiling fans have become more technologically advanced to supplement air-conditioning systems in summer and heating systems in winter.
  • With regular usage, fans may reduce energy bills up to 40% in the summer and 10% in the winter.
  • Decorative ceiling fans are popular, not only in the main rooms in your home, but also in patios, verandas, kitchens and bathrooms.  Be sure to purchase ceiling fan kits specifically designed for damp locations, when installing outdoors or in bathing areas.

Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom for more information on the life-time benefits of adding quality fan products to your home environment, and check out these extraordinary innovations from Monte Carlo Fan Company:

-The 5DH52 “Designer Hugger” flush mount ceiling fan, perfect for rooms with lower ceilings. Available in brushed pewter, espresso white, “Old Chicago”, Roman bronze, and textured white.

-The 3SU54”Studio” 3 blade ceiling fan, an Energy-Star rated classic design for home or office available in brushed pewter, matte black, Roman bronze or white.

-The “Cheetah” 5 blade ceiling fan with “Old Chicago” finish and captivating hand-painted cheetah blades.

-The 5STR52BS “Star-Tech” 5 blade ceiling fan, an inspired composition of architecture, engineering and sculpture in brushed steel with mahogany veneer blades.

And that is not all…A superb selection of fan light fixtures from Monte Carlo is available at Capitol Lighting.  From Tiffany glass to antler inspired creations, ceiling fan accessories customize your fan for an eye-appealing and energy-wise finish.

You CAN Teach an Old Dad New Tricks

Fun Fact: The “Silver Tsunami” refers to the nation’s 78 million baby boomers approaching retirement age this year.  This rapidly growing segment of the population composed of individuals 65 years and older, is expected to double between 2010 and 2050.  According to the AARP, about 8000 people a day are now turning 65 in the US.*

These new elderly are living active healthy lifestyles and choosing to age gracefully in their own homes. The lighting industry has been actively redefining lighting design and embarking on technologically improved illumination to make it all possible.

Residential lamps and lighting products designed especially for older eyes are available in store and on line from Capitol Lighting.  Shower the people you love with light:

  • Elderly eyes are more prone to eye-strain and greatly affected by glare. Employ portable lamps and lighting while watching TV to mitigate the contrast that occurs between the bright screen and the surrounding darkness of the room. 
  • Use table lamps or torch lamps to provide uplight as well as downlight for soft, evenly distributed illumination.
  • Look for lamps with separate and adjustable lights attached to facilitate tasks such as sewing and reading. 
  • Upgrade to better quality bulbs.  Ideally, full-spectrum illumination will help diminish eye fatigue, boost ones energy and promote a sense of well-being.   For older eyes, lighting professionals recommend using CFLs and LEDs with warm tones.  Check the bulb package for a color temperature of 2700-3000K (Kelvin’s).  Also look for a CRI (color rendering index) of 80 or more.
  • There is no magic one-size-fits-all light-- because individual vision varies greatly; use dimmers to adjust lamps and lighting accordingly.
  • To further control glare, choose fixtures that are properly shielded.
  • For the utmost in convenience, safety and security, invest in automated timers, touch controls and hand-held controls.  Ceiling fan kits, ceiling fixtures and portable lamps may be easily adapted for use with remote controls and automated timers.

For more information on how to shower the people you love with light, visit a Capitol Lighting showroom or contact a Capitol Lighting professional at 1800lighting.com. The lighting experts at Capitol are ready for Father’s Day.  Shed a little light on your “Mr.  Fix-it” and celebrate those graying hairs and aging eyes! 

*Terry K.  McGowan, ALA Director of Engineering and Technology, ALA Technology Update April 2011.

Source: Free Guest Posting Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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