Cuda Apparel Introduces Custom Apparel E-Stores

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Cuda Apparel ... Custom Apparel ... More ... ... ... ... ... Spokane, WA, December 20, 2004 – Cuda Apparel Inc. has announc

Cuda Apparel Introduces Custom Apparel E-Stores

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Spokane,Guest Posting WA, December 20, 2004 – Cuda Apparel Inc. has announced that it has introduced a new online marketing program called “Custom Apparel E-Store” that is getting rave reviews from customers throughout the nation. For example, Lynette Fisk, Information Services Manager at CCT/CYT in San Diego, says that, “As a growing, national organization CYT (Christian Youth Theater) needs a branded, professional image and the Custom Apparel E-Store is helping us build that image. However, we want to be a great youth theater program, not a retailer. Based in San Diego, we have branches from Spokane to Chicago to Atlanta who will all benefit from our CYT Custom Apparel E-Store.”

“CYT now has the capability of providing branded, customized contemporary apparel to branches across the country - without the headaches or hassles of filling orders, shipping packages or maintaining an expensive inventory! Even with the whiz-bang technology available to us today, there is no way CYT would have built so many options into our own national website so quickly. Cuda Apparel has been easy to work with, excited about our program and creative in their approach to helping us. I can't wait to see what happens next!”

Cuda’s Custom Apparel E-Stores allow businesses, organizations, and schools to sell garments adorned with their logos year-round with no inventory or order fulfillment costs. There is a small set-up fee to activate and create the E-Stores, but after that, E-Store owners accrue no additional charges and receive a percentage of the gross sales from the site. Ron Turner, Recruitment Coordinator at Upper Columbia Academy, notes “The Custom Apparel E-Store is a great way for any school program in need of fundraising to generate ongoing income.”

Cuda’s Custom Apparel E-Stores offer the convenience of Internet ordering and the selection of a large shopping mall without the stocking costs and administrative cost to the clients. The E-Stores operate effectively as a link from a customer’s existing website, or stand-alone.

The E-Store program also can be used as a fundraiser for schools and non-profit organizations in another way. Schools and non-profit organizations can seek business partners to obtain a Cuda Apparel E-Store to enable the company’s employees and customers to purchase their logo apparel, yet donating the proceeds to the school or non-profit organization. In this way, a continuous revenue stream is created for schools and non-profit groups.

The business community likes the idea because Cuda Apparel’s E-Stores fill a need by servicing employees, customers and clientele with the company’s own imprinted logo garments; further, the E-Store allows the business to donate to a worthy cause without impacting existing budgets.

Brusan Wells, the Executive Director of the Spokane Lilac Festival, says that the Lilac Festival Association wanted to set up a Cuda E-Store because “A Custom Apparel E-Store provides us a better opportunity to serve our community, the Lilac City.”

Readers can view an E-Store in action by logging on to and then clicking on the link for the CYT Custom Apparel E-Store, or by going to, and clicking on the “Custom Apparel E-Stores”.

Cuda Apparel is a leading manufacturer of custom decorated apparel in the Pacific Northwest specializing in embroidery, screen-printing, tackle-twill and multi-media applications. The company’s clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, colleges, schools, associations, and organizations in need of specialty decorated garments and accessories.

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