Deepavali Festival: Get Set for a Grand Celebration!

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Diwali is in the air and Indians across the globe are ready to welcome this festival with open arms. Celebrate this festival with your friends & families and exchange good wishes with sweets and gifts.

Evil spirits are always active to take control of this beautiful earth,Guest Posting but there is some mysterious divine power in action to conquer those evils. Every age sees one or many battles fought between the two – good and evil. Fortunately, good spirits are able to overcome the evil. Since the days of Ramayan, atrocities of devils have caused afflictions to the human, and avatars like Lord Ram & Lord Krishna had to land on earth to emancipate people from those debilitating forces. And this gives us an opportunity to celebrate Diwali festival, which marks the victory of good over evil. Present scenario of this world provides perfect backdrop for the divine power to take avatar to save the world.

Diwali 2012
Hope’s spring is immortal in human heart. This Diwali 2012 also brings loads of hope for people as they are waiting for some good to happen in the midst of cruelties and wickedness. The real meaning of Diwali festival is to establish the feel-good factor in a country gripped by evil forces like corruption, political instability, social inequality, poverty, unemployment, violence and terrorism. All super-heroes were born in the middle of anarchy, and the present-day India is a perfect example of disorder in every nook and corner. It is about time, some divine power had taken reins in his hands. And we hope for the best.

When is Diwali?
Two groups of people always curious to know when is Diwali? At the beginning of any calendar year, students and government employees in India flip through pages of calendar to know the date of Diwali. Reason is simple – they want to plan their vacation trips in advance. According to Hindu calendar, Diwali falls on the last day of new moon in the month of Ashwin. However, dates of Diwali vary according to Gregorian calendar. This year, Diwali is on November 13, 2012. So start your planning well in advance and celebrate this festival of light with high spirit & enthusiasm.

Diwali Festival
Common men of India love to celebrate festivals. Diwali (also known as Deepavali festival) is one of the most important festivals in India and therefore, people are waiting for this day. As the day approaches, Indians start preparation to celebrate Diwali. Women of household kick start house-cleaning campaign, kids dream of having lazy holidays and gorging on Diwali sweets & snacks and men plan vacation trips for families. Whether they are pauper or rich, Indians are always upbeat about this festival; even if they are short of money, they manage to celebrate the festival with some pomp. Sweets, fire-crackers, exchange of gifts and Diwali wishes are common features of this great festival.

Diwali Wishes
One of the most interesting things about Diwali festival is get-together with our loved ones, our friends, families and relatives. During this five-day Deepavali festival, people visit each other’s home and exchange Diwali wishes with gifts & sweets. If their loved ones are living far off, telephones and mobile phones become communicator; they also send Diwali cards, emails & SMS. Business houses take this opportunity to communicate to their clients, associates and partners. Corporates send gifts & sweets and wish each other Happy Diwali.

For centuries, Indians celebrate Diwali; but this festival has never lost its charm & spirit. Indians know Diwali history and they follow their age-old rituals while celebrating this festival. However, every year, we experience some freshness in the way we celebrate Diwali. And let’s hope that for the coming years also, we can add more spirit and newness to this festival.

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