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Diwali is one of the admired festivals in India. The symbolic connotation of the festival marks the victory of good over evil. Also known as the ‘festival of light’, people all across the nation celebrates it with great passion and enthusiasm.

Diwali is famous for the opportunity it brings for people to decorate their homes with colourful lights and rangolis. People distribute sweets and light Diwali candles in every corner of their house.

According to traditional Indian mythical stories,Guest Posting Diwali is celebrated to commemorate the victory of Lord Rama over the evil king of the Rakshasas, Ravana. Another popular belief is that on this day, Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth comes home in the form of money, gold, and gifts. As a result, a lot of the population indulge in shopping for gifts as well as Diwali decorative items in India.

Diwali Decorative Items that are a Must
Diwali decorative items include a lot of things depending on how you want to set up your house. While some prefer to go for a traditional look adored with rangolis and diyas, there are many who simply choose lights and attractive Diwali candles. Here are a few items you can add to your Diwali decorative items list.

Ï Rangoli Powder: These powders will allow you to make Rangolis all over the house. Apart from being ritualistic, rangolis impart a great look to the floors. These are signs that mark the presence of Goddess Lakshmi in your home.

Ï Rice Lights and Bulbs: People look to decorate their homes with rice lights and tiny bulbs. The ‘festival of light’ demands color and brightness all around. Lights make the place look divine and it is believed that evil spirits cannot enter places like these that are well lighted.

Ï Diwali Candles: The purpose of decorating your house with Diwali candles is to drive away the evil forces from your house. People light diyas or Diwali candles to every corner of the house.

Ï Diwali Lanterns: These will set your house apart with the serenity it imparts to a place where it is hanged. Diwali lanterns are decorative and come in many designs. You can also go for decorative lamps for your house.

Engage Kids in Diwali Decoration of Your Home
Diwali is a big deal for your kids as well. Their duties don’t begin and end with bursting crackers all through the night. Involving them in the decoration of the interiors of your house will take some doing. But you can engage them with these simple, yet fun activities.

Ï Handmade Greeting Cards: Involve your kids in making innovative handmade greeting cards this Diwali. Sending these cards to your loved ones along with Diwali gifts will give a warm gesture to this tradition of gift giving.

Ï Paper Lamps: Paper lamps are easy to make and are a great way to involve your kids in the decoration of your home. Hanging paper lamps outside your home is part of the common Diwali paraphernalia.

Ï Rangolis: Rangolis are an integral part of the Diwali decoration. Ask your kids to help you with the designing of the Rangolis. No festival is complete without it and makes sure your kids play an integral part in making it.

Ï Help with Cleaning: Cleaning is the most important task in your checklist during the pre-festival. Ask your children to help you with the cleaning of the house. Kids generally get in the way of the job, but involving them will make sure that your job is done without any hindrance. The helping hands will quicken the time you require for dusting and cleaning the whole house. Kids can even enter small spaces and clean the area for you.

Ï Cooking: Another integral part of Diwali is the baking and the cooking. Most houses make handmade Laddoos at home. Take help from your kids. Ask them to roll the Laddoos or stand in front of the oven and check. Another way you can involve them is by making what they like.

You can buy Diwali decorative items online. It is necessary to plan ahead and consider your budget before buying decorative items and sweets for Diwali. Stay safe from the Diwali crackers as well.


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