Do You Live in Fear?

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Fear is to be afraid or apprehensive. Fear can be real or imagined. Fear can be good or dangerous!

Everyone has fear of something they encounter in their lives. When we are young children we are afraid of the dark and monsters under the bed. This is an imagined fear that is created either by our family,Guest Posting friends or something they have seen on TV or in the movies. Is this dangerous to a child? If the parents talk with the child and explain that there are no monsters and the dark is there to help you sleep, than this will go away as they grow older.

Fear of heights, water, airplanes and other things we might experience in life is usually due to a bad experience or ignorance. Many times fear of doing something or being a passenger in a vehicle or plane can be alleviated by education and or instruction. However the fear is a good thing because it keeps the individual from doing something that may put them in danger, without education or training. Some fears are part of each individuals DNA, and cannot be overcome. These fears such as the fear of height may never be overcome and should be respected. We are not all made of the same mental make-up and somewhere in everyone is a fear of something that they will never overcome.

Fear of being fired, not being able to accomplish a task, or taking a test is a real fear, but do not endanger the individual physically. Usually these can easily be overcome with better preparation and training. It’s healthy to be afraid of things that we are not well-trained to do, but that should be something we realize that we need more preparation to accomplish.  So in this case the fear is a signal to seek better training or education.

The worst fear is fear of someone doing harm to you or your family. Being shot, raped, robbed or physically beat-up are real fears and here we must educate ourselves for to prevent these occurrences. First and foremost everyone should take care to not put themselves in harm’s way. Walking down unlit streets alone or entering bad neighborhoods is a sure way to get robbed, beat-up or worse. If we don’t put ourselves in these areas we will eliminate most of the danger. However, good people can be robbed, raped and beat-up in well-lit parking lots and buildings, by desperate people.

Your home should be your sanctuary of peace and safety, a place to feel warm and welcomed. Sadly there are bad people who want your possessions or worse yet to do you harm and will go into your house to accomplish this. What do you do to make sure you don’t have to live your life in fear?

As mentioned before you should not put yourself in places of potential danger, but if you must go to an area that you believe could be dangerous, take a capable friend or go in a group. To protect yourself in public places, carry a Stun Gun, MACE or Pepper Spray. These items will temporarily disarm your attacker and give you time to get away and contact the police.

In your home there are many things inside and outside you can do to make you home safer and more secure. Make sure all external lights are in good working order and insure you have lighting at all entrance doors and places of potential danger.  Other than entrance lights, motion activating lights are not very expensive to buy or operate. You can place motion activated lamps on corners or your building and in the areas of concern. Keep your bushes trimmed so they do not provide cover for someone to hide. If you have a garage, have a light over the door and drive into the garage to get out of your car.

Inside your home there are potential weak areas of security. For sliding patio doors, get a door bar to secure them. All outside doors should have a dead-bolt lock that uses a key on both sides of the lock.  If you have single pane glass windows on the first floor you should consider stronger windows or bars on the outside. Wireless burglar alarms, window alarms and door alarms are easy to set-up and relatively inexpensive. Barking dog alarms are very effective for deterring thieves from entering your home while you are gone. A complete system can be setup to automatically call the police. 

Nothing is a better source of evidence in court than a time-stamped video of a burglar in the process of robbing you. A complete four camera systems can be purchase for less than $600. These systems can be set to record the events and also be connected to the internet so you can view your home at any time on your laptop or smart phone. Single hidden cameras or nanny cams can be placed in your home and they look like common objects that would be in your home. They can record the activities of your children or maybe a baby-sitter. Hidden cameras with an internal DVR can be carried to any location and just plugged in. You can retrieve your video by removing the video card and viewing it on your computer.

You do not need to live in fear! Education, training and a few self-defense products can make you safer. Video cameras, security lights and dead bolt locks will usually lower your insurance to help pay for them over time. Be wise, be smart and be safe.

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