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This article is a tribute to all ezine ... you have a problem or ... Have you tried to figure out how to do ... only to give up in ... Are you ready to throw your comput

This article is a tribute to all ezine publishers.

Do you have a problem or question? Have you tried to
figure out how to do something only to give up in
frustration? Are you ready to throw your computer out
the window? Don't do it!! Let me tell you about a
great resource available to anyone. Ezine publishers!!

When the editors ask for comments,Guest Posting feedback, or questions,
they really mean it. It helps them to find out what their
subscribers need. Information that can be passed on in
their newsletter for everyone's benefit. They also like
to know that folks are reading their articles and learning
from them.

Every time I have written an editor with a problem or
asked a question they have always responded with an
answer or given me advice on where to find the answer.

I might never have attempted to build a web site without
the instructions of Newbie Club and Web Site Marketing
Machine, and the encouragement of these editors. On
occasion I know I've made a pest of myself, but I never
got that impression from any of the publishers themselves.

My web site is finished - thanks to the advice and help
from many of you. George, Seqkat, Bo, Jane, Sharon, Tony,
Joe, Margot, Marion, Bina and many others. You know who
you are. I thank you.

These are real people with their own families, problems,
schedules and jobs, who also have time to do research, and
publish a newsletter, as well as develop their own online
business. And they take time out of their busy schedules
to help 'newbies' like me get past a frustrating problem
in the mechanics of web site building. Heck! They even
work on their vacations!

Get to know the editors of your favorite newsletters.
They are kind and very helpful. Some tell it 'like it is'
and some are downright funny! But all are willing to
teach you what they know.

I've tried many get rich quick schemes to make money.
'Buy this, buy that' - didn't get far because I didn't
know how to do 'this or that' to make money. For example,
I got a merchant account before I was making any money and
I'm still paying out without getting any back.

As you've guessed, I lost money I couldn't afford and the
only people getting rich were those I sent my money to.
So I started asking advice from these fine folks who've
'been there, done that, got the T-shirt.' I mean REALLY
listening. I'm taking their advice and help BEFORE I
spend my money. I'm done with 'get rich quick' and I'm
learning more every day on my computer. Take the time
to get to know these knowledgeable people who are so
willing to help us so we don't make the same expensive
mistakes. They'll teach you the tricks and tips that
they spent years learning.

This is a very valuable resource, plus an extra added
benefit of making some very good friends! I only hope
I learn enough someday so I can return the favor and
keep this chain of friendship alive and well whenever
someone asks me for help.

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