30 Minutes Free Report Reveals The Arts Of Link Exchange!

Jan 25


Dave Tan

Dave Tan

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Title: 30 Minutes Free Report Reveals The Arts Of Link ... Dave ... January 2004A 30 Minutes Free Report REVEALS The ART ofHow YOU Can Improve YOUR Link ... ... E


Title: 30 Minutes Free Report Reveals The Arts Of Link Exchange!
Author: Dave Tan
Copyright: January 2004

A 30 Minutes Free Report REVEALS The ART of
How YOU Can Improve YOUR Link Popularity Through
Link Exchange and Make Other Webmasters Feel Honored
and Gladly Swap Links with Your Site!

Permission to reprint if:
- the report and resource box stay intact
- links and email must be set as hyperlink (website)
- may NOT be used in SPAM (opt-in email ONLY)
- send me a copy of your URL/ezine/newsletter/eBook :-)

HTML version available at:

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Dear Internet Friend,

Greetings, I will cut to the chase - if you have founded
this page that could only mean one thing...you want a
proven web marketing technique that will attract more
targetted web traffic to your web site and you want to do
it all for FREE (no hidden charges, no fee, no affiliates).
Who doesn't? :-)

So what's Link Exchange anway?

Link exchange is also known as reciprocal link exhange,
link swap, link trade - you place my link information on
your site and I will place yours on my site. It's like a
barter rade of exchanging links - you scratch my back,
and I'll scratch yours...sounds familiar?

The best thing about this form of web promotion is that it's
literally FREE and is the most cost-effective way to improve
your link popularity.

Note: Link exchange will NOT boost your page rank...
link popularity and page rank is two different stories.
I will reveal two excellent tools to determine your link
poularity and page rank later...

Link exchange will NOT bring you an immediate surge or flood
of web visitors rushing to your web site. It's more like a
long term advertising, slowly building up the momentum by
increasing your link popularity.

Link exchange can also be thought of as a FREE form of
quality advertising for your site. Imagine this, your link
partner's visitor visit his/her page, couldn't find what
he/she is looking for, click on the links page to search for
more resources...and your site is included in the link page.
What does this means for you? Exactly, FREE targetted
visitors for your web site!

WARNING: Exchanging links with unrelated web sites
can be HARMFUL & DANGEROUS to both
your site and even your business reputation!

Oh, exchanging links is NOT risk-free? Well, it's risk-free
or at least safe if you follow the guidelines below:

Always find for Quality, Complementary, Matching,
Related and above all Responsible & Ethical
web site/webmaster as your link partner.

NEVER, ever exchange links with web sites that
contain porn, violent, racists, hatred materials.
Period. Sites that encourage illegal, immoral,
irresponsible, unethical activities or contents
will ONLY give your customer a bad impression
of your business or web site - use your own
judgement here! :-)

AVOID swapping links with the following kind web site:

Web site that contains NO apparent content,
web site that are so full of affiliate links
that it make no sense at all!

Web site with very poor presentation or
unacceptable web design (apparently the
webmaster doesn't care about his/her site,
let alone your link?) Especially if the site
don't have a clear naviagation system or way
to the links page.

In other words, you can't easily find
the links page or your link simply
because the webmaster tries to hide it
from his/her visitors!

Web site that do NOT categorize their links,
especially if they have more than 50 links.
Would you like to see your link buried
deep within 50 or 100 non-categorized links?
Never do the same thing to your link
partners too! :-p

Web site that appears to be a link farm or
linking to one (including FFA - Free For
ALL sites). Same as above, only difference
is that such web site will link to almost
any kind of web site (including but not
limited to illegal and porn sites!),
swapping links with such web site will
do you more harm than good...
avoid it at all costs!

Web site that uses third party link exchange
service to manage their links - you will
notice this when you get a link back from them.

If the link is NOT directly from the website
you're exchanging links with, rather from a
third party site (different domain), then
delete his/her link IMMEDIATELY (okay this
sounds a bit harsh, but do you really want to
be penalized for linking to a link-farm?
Besides, this is like cheating. Anyway, third
party site uses script to verify your link...).
You can always contact the webmaster....

I have traded links with this kind of web
site before, and frankly, I feel so cheated!
(those links are not very valuable...) :-(

Above all, web site that is under construction and
even worse, always offline and unavailable, you know
those scary 404 errors - page not found
(your link will be offline too!)

There are some web sites/webmasters that are really picky
about which sites they will exchange links with. They will
basically ONLY exchange links with site that meets a
certain page rank...

These web sites may or may not have a high page rank or
link popularity...I will reveal two excellent tools
that will expose their page rank and link popularity now. :-)

How do you check a web site's
Page Rank and Link Popularity?

To know another web site's or your web site's page rank,
just download this nifty Internet Explorer add-on:

Google Toolbar:
http:/ oolbar.google.com/

When you've installed it on your computer, the Google toolbar
will reside nicely on top of your Interter Explorer browser.
Be sure to enable page rank view.

To view another web site's or your own web site's link popularity,
you simply insert the to the appropriate URL right after the q=&url=

Alexa's Link Popularity Checker:
http://www.alexa.com/data/details raffic_details?q=&url=

For example:
http://www.alexa.com/data/details raffic_details?q=&url=

Visit alexa.com: http://www.alexa.com/ if you have any questions or
simply want to know more about link popularity.

Is Link Exchange difficult?
Is writing a simple friendly email difficult?

There are basically two ways to exchange links. Before
you start exchanging links, make sure the web site meets
all the neccesary requirements to be your potential link partner.

More importantly, make sure the webmaster is interested in link
exchange (Visit that particular web site and find the links page).

Add your link and wait for reply...

Usually there's a "add your link" or "submit your site" link.
These are script that the webmaster written or installed to
facilitate the process of link exchange.

It's an easy way to exchange link, you just basically fill in
your name, email address, link information, and the reciprocal
URL. After you've submitted your link information, simply wait
for the webmaster to reply your request.

It usually takes around 1-2 days, but I've also experienced
webmaster who takes more than a week (in some cases, two weeks!)
to approve a simple link request...hmm, either they are simply
too busy or don't care!

A good rule of thumb is to allow up to a week (7 days) for a web
site to reciprocate. If they do not reply within a week, you know
what to do... :-)

Email the webmaster personally...

This approach to link exchange is far more better and effective
(in my opinion) because it is more personal and genuine. It may
sound a little bit of a hassle and in some cases difficult but
heh, quality does come with a price!

For those who don't know how to write a friendly email
requesting link exchange, don't worry...I will give you a
simple yet effective email template.

Visit that particular web site, try to find the webmaster's
name and jolt down what interest thing you find in his/her
site and tell him/her that his/her site will be a great
resource for your visitors.

Hi Jimmy! <--If the webmaster's name is John, use John then :-)

I've visited your site: www.jimmysite.com and I really like it.
Your site looks very professional and interesting.

I think your site will a great resource for my visitors so I
have included your link information on my site:

http://www.yoursite.com/links_1.htm <--Always Mention the
reciprocal link

Here's my site for you to review:

http://www.yoursite.com <-Try to make life easier for your link
partner :-)

I have included my link information at the bottom of this message.
If you're interested in exchanging links with my site, please send
me an email including your link information and where you've
placed my link - I will send you an email confirming I have posted
your link.

Well done on providing the web users with useful and quality
information / services! I hope you will consider this reciprocal
link exchange and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

John <-Always mention your name, this is very important!

P.S. If for any reaons you are not interested in exchanging
links with me, please just reply me with the a simply no thanks
or I'm not interested in link exchange. <-Including a simple and
friendly "remove me" will make your offer look more professional
and genuine.

General Information:

URL: http://www.yoursite.com/

Title: Offers some products some services

Description: We offer the best X products and Y services...

There! It's as simple as that! I'm sure you can come up with
a better or more creative email template! :-)

As a golden rule, always mention who you are (your name -
more personal), where (which web site) you are from and
that you've included his/her link!

Most webmasters are more inclined to include your link
this way...Always make it easy for your potential link
partner to find his/her link (provide the exact URL,
which category, etc.) and use less than 60-70 characters
per line - it will make the email easier for anyone to read.

What if your potential link partner REJECT
your link exchange request?

Yes, it is quite possible but if your site meets all
the neccesary requirements of a quality link partner,
chances of your request been rejected is minimal.

However, as I've mentioned before, they are some web sites
that are ONLY interested in swapping links with web sites
that has a certain page rank...If you really want to
exchange links with these sites, you can always try it
later when your site have a higher page rank.

Where do you find potential link partners?

Finding quality link partners is becoming quite a challenge,
especially if you've traded more than 100-200 links. If you're
looking for a quick and list of sites that accept reciprocal
linking, here are some of the sites which I've used and
would gladly recommend:




Remember, always and ONLY exchange links with related
web sites, that way your chances of getting reciprocated
will greatly improved.

Some final thoughts...

One more thing before we wrap this up nice report...although
link exchange is a free form of advertising and a great way
to boost your link popularity, it does require some efforts
and patience to maintain it - this is especially true when
you have more than 50 links.

You can save yourself a lot of confusion and trouble if you
categorize your links neatly, this will also add some "appeal"
for other webmasters to exchange links with you.

That's all for this report, I hope you had a wonderful
time reading it!

Happy Linking,
Dave Tan

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browse my fine online eStore and check if there's any
particular ebooks that can solve your marketing problems,
all at special irresistible prices.

P.S.S. If you're a webmaster who want to exchange links
(if you're a reponsible and ethical webmaster), I will be
more than happy to trade links with your website site. :-)

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