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Leading professional and businesswoman advises you on how to do this.

Earn £75 an hour online. Having worked online for a long time I do know how to get into this line of work. The only thing you have to decide is...

A. Are you the right type? Can you use  your computer properly? If you are you are kind,Guest Posting caring, patient, sympathetic and non judgmental. You are also well organised and able to listen to people without thinking you can re think what they tell you about their past or their feelings.

B. Do you want to set up your own business (which entails a lot of time and expense in setting it up and running it) or do you want to be able to get a job where you work for another who has already set their business up? This would leave you free to simply counsel people at this hourly rate. Either way you would be working from your own office, usually your home.

There are lots of people out there who would be good at this work but do not get into it simply because they tend to think inside the box. They see all of their family and friends getting traditional jobs such as working in a shop so they do it too. This does not mean that they should not think about something else which is more fulfilling. One excellent website that trains and employs such people is here at webclairvoyant.com. Everything is explained on the site, which is easy to follow and has a lot of articles which you will find interesting, which are written by qualified top experts.

How do you do this work? They use skype, msn or talk to their clients on the phone, this means they can be in touch with people near them or abroad.

I get a lot of people contacting me asking me for advice on how to get into this line of work. Hence the article. I am retired and too busy to write back to each person individually! Hopefully a lot of them will read this and not contact me then because they will know where to go. I can only point them in the same direction anyway.

Earn £75 an hour online.

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