Firepits: Modernising the Cultural trends

Jul 14


Olivia Divas

Olivia Divas

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Heading towards the conclusions, hope that you all have filled up enough portion of your knowledge bucket about the fire pits and how to make the best purchase of fire pits in future. Have a great time exploring more.Best wishes !!


Among the most demanding set of items ordered, Firepits: Modernising the Cultural trends Articles (even online !!) since the past few days have been the firepits. The symbol of royalty along with endless luxury at our homes, has stolen our hearts with their attractive designs and purposeful relevance are the firepits. 


So, to continue with the same, we shall be dwelling more upon the beauty and benefits of the superhot (literally !!), super classy : the firepits. 


We shall also be taking ourselves through the various vitalities, followed by the types based on certain classifications and the maintenance of the fire pits for a longer use.


We will consider the related terms with the firepits too, as we move along.

In short, this is gonna be the quick through tour to every detail of the firepits.

So keep your eyes on the page as we begin !!

 What are firepits?


->> A firepit is usually a place quite deeper than a plain land, which we use to light up a fire by using any combustible substance such as woods, coal or any fuel that we have available around us. (Remember to use an eco-friendly fuel only, keeping in mind sustainable management !!)


->> The fire we lit up right in front of us now, may either be to warm ourselves during a cold chilly winter or to have some leisure time eating roasted marshmallows(Yummmie, that sounds, isn’t it !!), or even having so with our favourite group of mates.


Traditional Importance of firepits


->> The fire pits aren’t really the new concepts as if we might think. They are rather traditional ways that our ancestors used as a part of their regular lifestyle, to cook , heat water, warm themselves on chilly nights (and winter days) because there were no heaters, fire-stoves in those times.


Features of firepits making it traditionally valued:


->> Independent of the locations: It is a matter of pride indeed, that in almost each of the backyards or indoors (surely firepits look good at any place of our house!!), even today, there can be seen some forms of fire-pits dug deep in the grounds or maybe even a modern form of the fire-pit being placed, right there in the living room. 


->> Viability of comforts: The fire pits are not only the means of luxury to our hectic lives, rather it is a symbol of taking our traditional cultures and adding values to the generations ahead, right?


Archaeological Importance of firepits


->> To our amazement, the fire pits hold their own historical values too !! The utter importance of fire pits have been seen in the ancient places under archaeological supervision. 


->> The archaeologists have been constantly exploring the types of food and lifestyle that our ancestors used to follow, with the help of these undisturbed evidence at such locations with destroyed fireplaces after use. 


->> The main aim is to analyse and preserve the cultural trends of fire pits that have been coming down since generations.


Moving ahead,


Now, after knowing the importance of the fire pits , it’s high time to classify the types of fire pits along with other ideas so that we can also suggest some suitable fire pits to our friends (if they are in need of one), which is possible only after the through reading and understanding of the matter.


Classification of firepits based on places they are to be in:

We classify the fire pits as Outdoors, Indoors and Backyards fire pits, based upon the place we wish them to be used.  

Further, we can categorize the Outdoors, Indoors on certain parameters as mentioned below.

  1. Materials: Based on the materials used to make a fire pit,we have options like fire pits made of steel, stainless steel, cast iron, glass-fibre, copper and so on. The materials decide the speed of heating and subsequent cooling. So, if we want to have quick cooling, then we may go for the steel, otherwise cast iron gives a long time to cooling (which is risky at times). Choose wisely !!


  1. Layouts/ Structure: Depending upon the purpose we wish to light a fire, we can choose among the fire cookers, fire pits, fire bowls, fire pits table and other accessories we lack.


  1. Fuel type: The natural fuels such as wood,wood pellets are the most widely used form of ignition to naturally dig fire pits. Moreover, the artificial ones are easily available in every locality like the propane gas, natural gas, torch fuels etc can also be selected to fire our own fire pit.


  1. Certifications: The different set of users trust the different set of standards that the fire pits are hallmarked with. Be it ANSI(American), CSA(Canadian) or CE( European) standard, every customer has the right to choose among the one whom he/ she trusts the most.


  1. Brands: The brands list is quite vast so mentioning a few of them as Fire by Design, Fire sense, Fire’s Edge, Cavo design,Blomus. We can choose among the vast list after thorough research of our requirements and matching with these in the market.


  1. Price: The price ranges also vary with the quality and type of materials used in fire pits. So it is up to us and what our budget points us to purchase fire pits.


The backyard fire pits do have their own types as we can see further down the next line :

  • Wood burning fire pits→ These types of fire pits consist of the wooden grills to give an immense feel for outdoor leisure.Some fire pit designs may also consist of  beautifully arranged brick panels to give a pretty traditional look. 
  • Gel Fuel fire pits→ The fuels play an important role in combusting up the fire pits and this is one of the fuel, GEl fuel which we can consider using once or more. 
  • Propane fire pits→ Propane gas which induces the ignition in the fire pit to give a pleasing view of a campfire, is the highlight of the Propane gas fire pits.
  • Natural gas fire pits→The nature lovers can go for the natural gas facilitated at their home’s fire pits and have warm times worth enjoying.


->> Adding to our knowledge buckets, there are some technical and related terms to the fire pits. Let us have a quick glance through each of these terms too:


  1. Cast iron fire pits: The cast iron fire pits are one of the types of Outdoor Fire pits,  which use the iron as an interface for the base and body of fire pits. But they do have their own pro’sand con’s.


Pro’s: The cast iron is a durable substance when it comes to its shape deforming resistivity. This means that it does not easily get deformed with some external force or overheating at times.It is negligibly prone to rust. In addition to this, they look more attractive, royal and have a longer lifespan if maintained properly.


Con’s: The cast iron is an expensive material which requires more maintenance to make it work longer. They also require careful setup of the fire pits.They are more prone to burn accidents because of the material, iron which takes very slow when it comes to cooling.


Note: Don’t worry, we do have an alternative suggestion to this if the con’s bother you badly: Going for the Steel fire-pits may prove good because it has the same features as cast iron but it tends to overcome some and most of the cons of the iron cast.


  1. Modern fire pits:     

->> These designs and architectures are quite impressive when it comes to organizing a get- together at your place. The updated and revised designs of a modern fire pit are basically a result of analyzing the shortcomings of the traditional easy of fire pits and to make them look cool. 


->> Though they may tend to occupy a lot of space, it is entirely up to the homeowner how he/she wants to make it look more royal and relishing even in the compact spaces.


->>  One way to design a modern fire pit at your house is seeking help from some experienced architects if you are buying a new house or just for designing a fire pit in the backyards. 


->> The second option is  just  going and reinventing the backyards with the retro styles or comfy-pleasures as in a dream. 


Go ahead Mr./Ms. Creative Head !!


  1. Fire cooker: 

->> The similar structures to the kitchen stoves are the fire cooker.They are mostly seen in the cooking areas of the house.their main purpose serves in the cooking of tempting snacks or at times warming hands when it is cold. 


->> They have a stove like structure,(however, fire cookers also have new updates in designs coming each day!!), are portable that means they are free to be ported outdoors on lovely weather and brought back indoors as per the occasion.


  1. Fire Bowls:

->> These are the deep round containers to contain in them, the fire inducing materials such as wood,wood pellets, coal or any such fuel. 


->> The fire bowls are available in different sizes, shapes, bases, colors and prices. They are mostly made up of metal like cast iron, steel, et. to ensure the extreme glowing of light in through the fire pits.


  1. Fire pit smokers: 

Arranging for the barbeque party at your house, or roasting some marshmallows over the grill?  This is the best time to take out your fire pit smoker in your backyard on a relaxing sunday morning.The fire pit smokers bring in the crunch and shine to our favourite eatables with a smoky air around nature.


So, these were some of terms that we are most likely to acquaint ourselves with in our day-to-day lives.These terms would help us identify the fire pits market more easily.



  • The maintenance of the fire pits is a necessary part since we need to check and replace timely, damaged or over burnt fire pit containers.
  • The prevention from the open exposure of fire pits to our surrounding might attract insects during night, which needs to be controlled.
  • Ensure that there is no pollution generated from the smoke emitted out of the fire pits.
  •  Hygiene around the fire pits is to be taken care of so as to maintain our safety and health.


American made fire-pits:

->> Talking of the best manufactured fire pits products we are sure to see that the American fire pits have a vast variety of fire pits, which is incomparable with any other manufacturing industry.


->> They have a very diverse range of fire pits, fire pit smoker, with different components as fire pit cooking grate, grills, fire table top and what not. Also they have various creative designs and components to have a wonderful variety of snacks and dining , new every day !!


Pro tip: Use “dry woods and leaves” if you could collect them from nearby areas, to have smooth, smoke free fire pits. Then have a good gossip-evening over tea, with your colleagues at your place !!( Avoid green woods.)